Dequeue / queue multiple trainings from TC's at once

This is a small quality of life request for some time savings in game.

Added up over time, there’s a non-trivial amount of time spent queueing hero training in camps, or dequeuing them to shuffle them around (storing recruits and/or ham in training camps is a common end-game tactic).

What I’d like is the ability to queue or dequeue all the trainings I can at one go, rather than pressing and holding for many seconds (I know I know first world problems) as my primary use cases tend to be the following:

  • Farming a bunch of recruits, and then dumping them all into a TC
  • Moving a bunch of trainings from say TC 11 to TC 19 or TC 2/3

Both of these take more time than they realistically need to; I’m not sure what the right UI solution is but perhaps something like if you hold down the + or - for 3 seconds, just jump straight to using all available recruits or ham, or conversely in the dequeue - button case, destage as many as possible to the recruit or ham cap… or if you run out of trainings in that TC that would be another end condition.



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