Departure of Anchor. Ideas for preventing other loses

After the sad event of Anchor living the game I’ve been thinking about the reasons he left (and he is right) and how we can prevent losing some other players for the same reasons. I’ve read on the fb group the ‘‘needs’’ of the other players. Most of the people want to make trading heroes and resources possible. I think it would be a mistake… one can create multiple accounts with the results someone can understand. I came up with an idea though and I need the help of the community so the owners can hear it. It goes like this:
A training camp can be converted to another building from which you can merge same colour and rank heroes to get the next higher rank… for example: merge three 3* heroes and get 1 4*, 3 4* give 1 5* and 3 5* can give you those illusive rare 5*. If you add the need of gems to do that then no one lose nothing…
What do you thing guys?


It is better idea than trading of heroes because in case of trading strong players will be only stronger and it will only make bigger gap between players.

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Yu should check out the ideas section of the forum. This suggestion is posted there already.

You can vote for that idea and add your own thoughts to it as well

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If you saw his video then you should know that anchor already suggested it directly to SG. It’s not new. It seems more like it, that there is simply no interest to implement it.

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They have stated on the forums that they won’t. It’s on their list of rejected ideas

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I haven’t been playing but a couple months, but I think they should allow the stronghold to go up to level 30. At which point you could train at level 30 to have a chance to obtain hotm, and during events you could train event heroes. That would reward the long term players. SG could easily add 10 more training options. They should also allow you to get emblems at say camp 25.

3 x 5* (Thorne) thanks to RNG god you get Thorne. I thought I had the same replied months ago.

How does this is a reward to the older players ?

What about the players that spend thousands to have theirs teams ?

Do you think those people would be happy if tomorrow anyone can have a HOTM in Training Camp ?

Our alliance constantly talks of improvement as we love the game and see so much potential for additions with the rosters available to us. the trials qere a good example of that. here are two that we feel were very fair

1- taking duplicate heroes, extra consumeables to a building for gems. Since trading is the worst idea for any real business model being able to sell your 3s 4s 5s for a gem amount would definitely take the sting off of my 8th chochin and wouldn’t hurt the economy in anyway. ftp would now have another source of income which leads to number 2.

2- There has got enough ways for FTP to recieve gems to not frustrate them. if more gems are avaiable less griping cause more people can actually plan when and where to spend and people who can’t dont feel “ignored”

No events in this game have a gem payout. where are the outside advertisements deals to earn gems by outsourcing? you want people to purchase and that’s fine but refusing to give us any kind of events where we can push our rosters to win gems is a big deal. You people got money now. Guys like Anchor and Kerridoc helped give you the community to make your money. that collect gems quest is a complete joke and you guys know it. you dont wanna raise the pull rate fine, then let us win Gems! exchange for gems, earn gems by outsourcing. that simple.


Exchanging common materials and duple heroes for gems seems good. Many other games have similar mechanics.

Winning gems in events on reverse don’'t seems to me something great, as probably the people winning it are the same that don’t really need it (or the same that spend the same amount or more to win :joy: )

As many people said from long time ago, a game like this CAN’T have any system to not mitigate duple heroes frustation other then feeding and obtain less exp of a trainer hero.
That’s simply crazy.

Fuse them, exchange them for gems, convert them in ascension materials, you name it.
But something must be done.


Anchor wants to make money streaming video games. At the end of the day, that is why I believe he quit. This game doesn’t have enough content for people to stream for extended periods of time so there’s less opportunity to receive donations, grow a subscriber base, and make money from ad revenue. I don’t think there’s a great way to address that problem. I also don’t see a ton of people quitting for similar reasons.

The dialogue on game issues he has is still valid, but I believe he would still be playing if there was a way to make a job out of it. Considering he’s going to Hearthstone where many people have done this successfully for years. Hopefully he can carve out a place there, but it’s a challenging market to break into now given how old the game is and how loyal current fan bases are.

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So many ways to reward the og players as well. You could unlock achievements for new exclusive heroes when you reach certain levels. That would give the people that have been playing for years and spending all of their money a new purpose for playing. SG has a problem on their hands bc they need to satisfy the masses. It would suck to spend all that money and not be able to play the game in a couple years.

Really loved the trading in duplicate heros for gems idea. Would reduce some of the frustration from people doing summons for everyone and open another avenue for FTP for gems.

Can you give me a link so I can read what he wrote about leaving? I would like to better understand he’s reasoning before reading more of these conversations

Sure, it’s been posted on the Forum, so that’s the easiest spot to see it:


Agree 100%

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