Dense fog stage bug

Has anyone else experienced a sartana bug where the enemy shows a poison debuff from her special but takes no initial damage while on a dense fog stage? I am trying to recreate the error but am not having any luck. It has randomly happened 3x. I will post screen shots of what I can capture asap.

So it seems to happen when multiple specials fire at the same time and is not limited to sartana. Here this enemy unit shows the debuff from isarnia but didn’t take damage and there was also not an animation for the attack towards the enemy. There were 2 enemies, one showed the animation, took damage, and died; the other unit showed no animation, took no damage, and showed the debuff indicating that the special didn’t miss.

So I am back to not being able to recreate the bug but have video now of it happening. Seems to happen randomly. Anyone else having this problem?

I’ve had animations not show at all on the fog stages, but I’ll keep an eye out for the other things.

The dense fog stages are a bit strange for me too. I know that your special shots can miss, my problem is sometimes you can hear the special go off but you see nothing been fired. Therefore no results. For example if I aim Gravemaker to attack three opponents two might work but the other you don’t see anything been fired. Doesn’t even come up as missed. Is that a bug.

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I’ve seen that from Marjana, not a miss - just as if she never fired at 1 of the enemy

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I seen it happen quite a bit randomly with different hero’s.

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I’ve use Li Xiu on some of these stages. Her special is supposed to hit all enemies, but sometimes the animation doesn’t even trigger on some of them.

I’m guessing it is part of the ‘chance to miss’.


I think this has been noted on a different thread and being investigated as a bug

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This is the same for me, except with Elkanen. Occasionally he will register correctly as aiming at the target and then hitting or missing the target and nearby enemies, but mostly he hits or misses nearby enemies and nothing happens to the target (no apparent firing).

I think it is just a miss, per the fog rules, but it should be labeled the way things are normally labeled.

I experienced it in Season 2, Province 7, Stage 2 Hard. (Did not work properly in any of the early waves but seemed to in next-to-last.) I did NOT notice similar problems in the same area on Normal difficulty.

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