Demoted from leader?


Hi. I made a clan called Active Clan. I was the leader but I don’t know how I become coleader. This is not fair. And the current leader is inactive. Pls help me.

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The only two ways a leader can be demoted is if:

A) they promote another player to Leader

B) they leave the alliance and come back (they will be a member upon returning, and must be promoted back to Leader by whomever is left in charge as Leader).


Neither I left my clan nor I made anyone leader. And at present I’m a coleader. Members says it’s game bug. Sir what should I do now. That person being active not giving me my leadership. Pls help me sir


You can ask for help directly from Game Support. Please click from in-Game:

Menu > Options > Support (other)

Edit: Please see FAQ regarding how to access Support after v1.9.7: