Demonic Forces is looking to grow/absorb another alliance

We are looking for YOU to come join our happy family! We are very talkative english speaking bunch.

*Must hit Titans
*War is optional (opt out if you dont want to participate)
*Communication is key!
*Have fun

Line App- Domitia

Have any questions or considering to merge with us, message me on Line :slight_smile:

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I was curious if youve found a group to merge with?

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Hey There! No we have not merged with anyone yet, are you interested? :slight_smile:

Im sorry i just looked you guys up and saw you are larger than i thought. I mustve mistakenly looked at another alliance.

@Smd we have 16 people :slight_smile: we currently just had 2 leave, if you were still interested

Sorry no, but thank you

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