Demon mode

If somebody is unable to play the game for 1-7"?" days(holiday, hospital, honeymoon…), then he can use the Demon Mode. He automatically attacks the titan or maybe even in war. It could run like automatic play or the player does the same damage as average in his previous attacks.
A lot of players wouldn’t kicked out of their alliances and the damage for the whole alliance would be clear.

While this might seem a good idea for unforeseen emergencies.
I do not understand why a player would get kicked if their absence was pre warned most of us know when our holidays or honeymoons are. Therefore the alliance as a whole should be able to carry one missing player for a short while.


Maybe in a perfect world. People get kicked out everyday and even if the leaders would let them stay, it would be helpful for all alliances to compensate the missing member.

I have thought about something similar to this myself, but overall I cannot support the Original Poster’s idea. The reality is that the 90 seconds of time does take, and reflect effort, on the part of the player. I don’t think having what is essentially a free damage attack with no appreciable effort on the attacker’s part is reasonable nor fair to fellow active alliance members at the time.

Plus there is another issue. The star levels of titans. I don’t believe it is right for someone who averages 15k damage per attack in terms of say 5-6* titans suddenly be able to do 15k on a 7* because it is possible to go from 6* to 7* in about 4 days if 6* is too weak for your alliance. This is coming from someone who consistently sees 6-8* titans as well.

Tldr: I don’t support this because it is not really reasonable at any star level titan given that * levels can fluctuate wildly even in a reasonable time off.

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It should depend on his average attack and on the titan star level. When somebody makes average 15k on a 9* he should make 7k on a 10* titan. something like that. The Demon Mode can just activate twice a year.

It is still a game, that you are able to “play”. So there is no reason for that. Either you have time or not.

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I thought it was a good idea which is helpful for all of us. Maybe I can’t explain it well :/.