Demolish Building Immediately

It would be great to be able to demolish any resource, troop or crafting building to make room for another building type. It could cost a certain amount of food for labor, like 100k. But it should be an immediate demolish. You could make it so that no resources used to build and upgrade it would be returned, or only half resources used will be returned, after choosing to demolish it. Returned resource amount depends on current storage capacity. For example if a building cost 300k to build and upgrade but you only have 10k storage capacity, then a player will receive enough resources to fill there resource storage maximum of 10k. A lot of other games work this way. It’s a profitable option if players choose to skip the wait time to rebuild and upgrade to the current level maximum.

The amount of specific buildings are pre-mapped out already, to give you what you are allowed to have all along the way. If you have all the building spots filled already and you wanted to demolish a farm, then the only thing you could build there is another farm because that’s what the game allows you to have.


Actually as I reached level 11 I gound that I had only one opion for each ground as to what could be bulit meaning from what I can see as things move on is everyone has the exact same buildings.

What can’t we be allowed to choose which of the 5 or 6 building options you want for each blocknof land and tgen costing either food/iron or even gems if you what to be able to change those buildings in the future.

As we all know and have seen here in the forum everyone has different opinions on howvthecgame is played and which resources are more important. By having the option of be allowed any building on any block of land also make it more interesting for the players as theee woukd be a greater challenge in setting up your properties thus make it more interesting rather than everyone having the same setup.

Again these options bring more $$ to the game as wrong decisions cost time and gems (if gems are used) to repair.


Please please please, let us demolish buildings I have a buNCH of mistakes to demolish … like random training camps just taking space for other buildings…, PLEASEEEEEEEERRRRRR

You can move a building to any other spot already

Click on the building

Then click on the question mark

Then click on Relocate

Then click where you want it and it will switch those two buildings

And there is no need to demolish any buildings.

Everybody gets to build the exact same typs and amount of buildings, so just build what you can when you can and focus on making your base look pretty :slight_smile:

You mean in the end everyone has exactly the same amount of buildings? Regardless of what they choose to build?

Nvm I’m removing this game … this sucks if I can’t demolish buildings …

Everyone has exactly the same buildings. How you arrange them and how you level them is up to you. The stronghold isn’t really the point of the game

You have more number of buildings than spaces to build. Your point isn’t valid, that’s why this game should have the option to demolish

No, you dont. When you get to a stronghold level where you can add new buildings, you get four spaces and a choice of four buildings. Of those 4 buildings, you can build each one once and only once. At stronghold 20, everyone will have 4 training camps, 4 forges, 4 mines, 4 houses, 5 iron storages, 4 food storages, and 9 farms. One of those buildings can be converted to a barracks. That’s it. That’s how it works.

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Exactly this. Everyone having the same buildings (minus whichever is chosen to turn into barracks) and that means it’s about getting the most from the resources available.

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I really wish we did have the ability to demolish buildings to change them. People use different strategies to play this game. We shouldn’t have to have the same number of each building. And I would love to have more mines. I have all food storage maxed out, but my farms are only halfway leveled. I have far to much food production already. I’d love to have more iron production.

Once you get towards the later stages of the game you’ll find yourself never having enough food, and wishing you could find a way to just dump the excess iron.

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