Demi Gods & Semi Devils (DGSD) - 1 Spot Open!

Demi Gods & Semi Devils (DGSD) has one open spot! Come check us out in the game or join Discord - link below.

Navigate the game with our well established crew of rowdy misfits from around the world. With your help, we could quickly become a top 1000 alliance and have fun while doing it.

We have a common love of smashing war enemies and titans (regular 12*-14* and mythic), and new members need to share that love by gleefully participating in the demolition.

We communicate about game activities through our busy Discord server. We have a dedicated war channel where we plan our frequent changes in tank and defense schemes for our free-for-all but structured war. We also plan titan mercenary parties and help smaller alliances we are associated with kill titans.

We share photos of our pets, holidays, car restorations, knitting projects, chicken flocks, and art work. If you catch her at the right time, our leader Zane will draw your pets.

Desired roster depth: 15+ maxed 5* with at least 5 with maxed emblems. At least one attack boost hero

Minimum Requirements: 4600 defense team power, 6 war teams, daily frequent use of titan flags

Don’t have all the requirements but eager to join? Contact @ Zane on the Fast Lane or visit our Discord server

Drop by for a visit @ Demi Gods & Semi Devils
We promise we won’t bite…

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I don’t bite, but I do occasionally bark :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Still one open spot!