Demerits points for aliiance hoppers

Very often we see people join analliance. Then without any reason given, they left the alliance in a few days time. Its vey frustrating and unfair for other alliance members.

Should implement a system whereby when people try to leave during crucial moment like the points mentioned below, they need to be approved by alliance leaders and co leaders. Then if they still choose to leave, a demerit points tag to them.

  1. After war have been match made.
  2. Titan is still active

I love it! We have fallen victim to 2 such players. Join and then stick around to reap the benefits of a war or 2 and a couple titans then bounce. Totally think this wouldn discourage that. Maybe even on top of the demerits all new members have their rewards held until they hit say the 30 day mark. I don’t know if that’s possible but it couldn’t hurt as a deterrent too.

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Why not look at this in an opposite light for a change.

Instead of demerit points taken from a player which also affects (free will).

Why not reward players who stay in an allience for say 30, 60, 90 etc days.

The could get something like a few gems or tokens, Atlantis coins or something like that and as each month grows that reward grows with it.

OR if not a monthly reward make it a 3 month (term reward) or a half year reward. You get the idea.

Be with an allience for a 6 months or a year and get a mat of some kind.

At least way there is encouragement for staying.


Yes, I prefer that much more.

Sometimes an alliance is a bad for, there might be a personality clash or maybe the chat is inappropriate.

While alliance hopping is a mild annoyance, penalties for exercising a bit of free will sound Draconian

Also, hurting new-comers means that leaders that help junior alliances would be constantly penalised.


Frankly, I’d rather deal with the occasional inconvience of having a player leave at an important game moment, rather than have one stay in an alliance that they want to leave.

Who knows how toxic an environment they could create during their waiting period. And really, I’d rather see a disgruntled player leave during a war then just stay and not bother using all their flags or even trying to lose.

Life is short … move on if you’re not completely happy. Truly considerate players will always try to do the right thing and I just don’t feel it’s worth it to waste time and effort on the others.

Since being in my alliance for almost 18 months I can count at most 3 or 4 times that it’s been an issue where a player left us in a bind, So few that I can’t even remember an exact number.


I have to say I’m normally a pretty positive guy and that allegiance reward system totally slipped my mind but think it’s great. It does discourage the alliance hoppers because of added benefits for staying put. That makes the person just liking out for themselves reconsider hopping around and actually staying somewhere and contributing.
Just to b safe though we could c if a simple limit could installed in-game to limit alliance memberships to say 3 a year? Would that help do u think?

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Yes a reward system could also work. I have been in a great alliance for almost a year now, its just that some people join us, din talk and din do anything for a day and then left. Thats the common one.

Yeah I understand that some people may have certain issues that they do not want to express in chat. Maybe this game should have a PM system to the leaders or co leaders expressing their concern. We have people joining us for days or weeks, chat like everything is fine, does everything right. Then suddenly left without a word. I mean… duhh??? People are shocked but nobody knows what’s going on. And we check and that person who left joined an alliance in an instance.

Overall the idea on joining an alliance is to participate in titan and war to get loots isnt it. So yeah reward system or demerits system, which ever works to reduce these unpleasant things from happening.

Can you please recommend one with the inappropriate chat?

Asking for a friend…

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I agree with a reward system, someone should create a suggestion with that and I will vote for it

My vote too is for the reward system.

Demerits only work when it comes to saving money (e.g. a supermarket charging for plastic bags)… but this game isn’t about saving money lol.

This game encourages getting and hoarding resources. So a reward of free resources? Sounds like something that would go well together.

I see where you’re coming from, but that would possibly deter them from playing at all. They’d just go inactive and you’d have to kick them anyway. Many people join and just decide that particular alliance is not for them. But they definitely should not leave during war. Unfortunately, however, titans appear daily, so if they come online to leave when a titan has already appeared, it makes it kind of rough. But a player should not be held hostage to an alliance they don’t feel comfortable in. I joined one once and found it completely inappropriate with their conversations all about…well…inappropriate things. Needless to say, I didn’t stay.

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