Delilah's minions not fully fixed

With the new fix my Delilah’s minions now do damage but if they kill an enemy they keep attacking it, even if there are other targets left on the field.


Yes, I have experienced the same.

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@Petri please look up.

@Dane you should create trouble ticket

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Миньёны далилы атакуют, но шкала НР противника не убавляется.

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I have also had an issue with these minions, except my minions now don’t deal any damage at all. The titan healthbar doesn’t move one bit as the minions attack, although numbers appear, the same goes for enemies in the field and heroes in raids, they don’t do any damage at all.

@Likiwolfspirit, there was an update out, I believe just yesterday, that should fix the damage issue. Have you checked to see if you updated the game since that update came out? Also, some users reported they had to do a hard restart on their device after downloading the update for it to work properly. After I did the update, and restarted, my D minions are doing damage again, although I haven’t noticed if they’re still attacking the spot or a dead enemy like OP mentioned.

I noticed this too on my Delilah. Enemy is gone, but they still attacking. Before, they stopped, when the enemy was killed.

Delilah doesnt work for me either even after the update it. Minions deal not damage in raids quests and boss fights… please fix that since someone invested a reasinable ammount of money to get her thank you

I have exactly same problem deliah’s minions don’t make damage