Delilah stats

Can someone please post Delilah’s card?


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Do you want the thread to remain open? (Do you have more questions about Delilah?)

I do. Has anyone been playing Delilah fully leveled? If so, what’s she like at that level? Where does she fall in the pantheon of heroes at full ascension?

Don’t have her, so i can only tell you what’s my feelings.
She is meant for raids/AW and eventually quests. Stop.
A good hero on the same level of Vivica but that you can use less then her 'cause the time minions take away from titans and events.
She probably shine the most in AW where the addictional HP of her minions shield you from both attacks and revenge arrows.

Good hero, but far from Ares.

Of course, in fairness, every hero outside of about two is far from Ares.

I have one Delilah on 3/50-something and she is usefull mostly because of her minions. Their attack, even though it’s small, can be helpful to finish off the enemies if they’re low on health. Especially when you don’t want to use the tiles or simply don’t have them in a line to kill someone off. I use her on most of my teams, it’s quite satisfying when during a raid you’re facing a low health Sartana ready to fire, the board is just mean and you have no tiles to hit her with and that’s when the minions come in with their “ching-ching-ching!” and kill her right off. I can’t resist a little “mwahahaha” every time something like that happens. The minions saved my butt a lot of times.


Thats really true.
Maybe it’s more appropriate to say that she is good but not as useful as it may be Zeline :wink:

Hi all,

I think Delilah is good in defense team, great in raids/AW and weak on titans/events because of delay on minions, so I will strong recommend ascend Delilah if you enjoy raids/AW. In my case Im finding hero for attack and defend, my focus is get diamond in raid. with my team (3157 TP) my score is 2015 trophies using Delilah.


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