Delilah revives on offense while under DoT effect but doesn't die

On defense, if Delilah revives while under a DoT effect, she dies immediately after revival. However on offense, Delilah skips the DoT and proceeds to the next turn.

This video shows the bug, the link jumps straight to the point where Delilah revives. I’m on v19.1.0 on android.

It’s her talent…first step-reviving with 1 hp. As she had full mana, she could heal herself. revive comes first, then healing, than DoT

Revive happens at the end of the turn after the dot has already ticc’d. Her mana bar was full when she died so after the revive its her turn and she heals. The dot will ticc on the next turn. Her heal happens before the dot damage after the revive. They are not sitting ducks for a full turn, they get a chance to be healed.

Tldr; not a bug

Wrong, she is supposed to get hit by the 2nd turn of DoT after reviving.

@madmarv I think this thread might be related: [Bug] Trails of Strength, Boss Revive not end of turn

In particular, I’m wondering about this:

I think the order of events was:

Enemy’s turn:

  • Lianna hits Delilah
  • Delilah dies
  • No DoT, Delilah is dead
  • Turn ends
  • Delilah revives

Your turn:

  • Delilah heals
  • Tiles thrown
  • Marjana fires
  • Delilah dies

Had Delilah not died, DoT would have fired end of your turn.

Does that seem right?

Wrong, if you back the video up and watch where the first ticc of Sartana’s dot happens, it happens after a tile move (the end of the player’s turn), at the very beginning of the opponent’s turn. After her revive at the end of the opponent’s turn (beginning of player’s turn) she has not made a tile move and healed. It will ticc again after her next tile move.

And I watched what happened after and the dot does tic after a tile move, same as it did before.

Are you asking for dot ticc’s to be out of order for a revive?

Tldr; still not out of order, still not a bug

Devs please straighten this guy out. I’ve got the video but it’s from Beta after the change was made to to kill the revived Fighter.

Umm… you’re the one who needs to be straightened out bud. It goes like this:

Enemy turn:

  • all dots on player hit
  • enemy specials
  • enemy slash attacks
  • end

revive happens here at end of turn hero was killed

Player turn:

  • all dots on enemy hit
  • player specials - heal happens here
  • player moves tiles
  • end turn.

Back to enemy turn where the dot hits first, after the heal.

You want the dot to hit again, out of order, a full turn before it’s supposed to? No, it shouldnt work that way because a hero revived. It should stay with the same order as it always does.

Watch your own video, that’s exactly how it goes.

This guy understands:

As does @Kerridoc

For me no bug either.
DoT was always applied at the end of the turn. For example if someone gonna die from Azlar DoT, in that turn he/she can attack or shoot a special before get killed.
Same as here, she can cast her healing before DoT hit her.

All as intended.

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I think you’ve got the DoT in the wrong place:

It’s a subtle difference but hugely important now that we have Revive.


Still happens in the same order, depends on where you start and end the turns I guess. Regardless, not a bug for Delilah to heal before the dot hits

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