Delilah or G. Jackal?

I have enough ascension mats to get Delilah to tier 3 or G. Jackal fully ascended. Who should I go for?

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Probably jackal short term if you don’t have an immediate need for a healer.

Better against purple titans and he’s very very good in raids especially if you have a 4* mana troop that you’re building towards level 11.


I guess the other thing to consider is my intention. Is it worth it to replace a 4/70 Cyprian with a 3/70 Delilah at tank? Or replace a 4/70 Tiburtus and put her at the support position? (Current defense is Grimm, Boldtusk, Cyprian, Melendor, Tiburtus).

OR…don’t replace anyone in my defense even though it has two purples and focus on G. Jackal since I already have a 4/70 Wu to go with it?

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I’d go for Jackal. Raid defense is simply not a priority for me, and Jackal is transformative on attack.


I would absolutely love a Delilah ( OMG minions in war are incredible ) but Jackal is insane ( Note 1). Even if Jackal is killed in raid or by the titan, that crazy attack stat still applies to matching/ shield/ physical damage.

The other thing to consider is Jackal is nasty at 3.60 and better at 4.70 but without 8/8 he never really gets his full potential ( this is often true of attack specials ), so you might need to level him to 4.1 to get his special up to 8/8.

While Delilah’s special skill is the first healer that scales organically even if she stays at 2/8 2.60 ( very similar to Kiril and Wu Kong ) so having her stuck at 2.60 is not as disappointing.

Personally I would level both of Jackal and Delilah and then spend the ascension items on Jackal, unless your roster demands Delilah at that time.

Note 1)


Awesome advice. I think I’ll do both and give the ascension mats to the one I need most. Leaning Jackal because of titans and wars. My defense really needs an upgrade, so hopefully I get a few more orbs soon so I can just ascend both.



But if you need a healer… who cares, Jackal :face_with_monocle:


Yeah, I think by the time I have Jackal fully ascended, I should have a couple of more orbs for Delilah.


I have the same choice to make. I started to level Delilah, even though I have already some healers. But I thought Jackel is best when combined with other yellow hitters to get full profit from his yellow defense debuff. And I don’t have heroes like Joon.
But now I’m wondering: Do you think Jackel is also good when he is the only yellow?

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Yes, particularly if you can pair him with a 4* level 11 mana troop. That shifts his mana from 6.5 tiles to 6 tiles, which is a step change.

On offense, yellow tiles gain from the yellow debuff. So even if Jackal is the lone yellow hero, the tiles become a huge deal.

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I’d go for Delila. I have a maxed Jackal, but only use him for titans (love love love), but in AW I consider him to be on my weak team. Delila is probably not good against titans, but I love her in AW at 3rd ascension. When she hits the 4th she will be part of my raid pool also.


For me, I hate Jackal on his own. Same applies to Panther and Falcon. But I tend to focus on raiding, and have 2 yellow 5*s to play with. So, take my opinion with a grain of salt…

Jackal - he’s super fragile overall but at 3/60 I think he could probably be one shotted by high level titans or 4/80 5* in a raid. At 4/70 he at least can survive a hit.

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So Delilah is the choice for AW and Jackal for raids and titans? Is that a fair statement?

I have Jackal at 3’60 and Delilah at 2’60. I have a fully levelled Wu, Joon and Viv at 3’70 and Li Xiu at 3’60. Only 4 orbs, 3 darts and 0 DBs.

What would be your recommendation as to Jackal v. Delilah for my team?

Jackal. Since you’re lacking the darts for Del.

You’ll use him on all purple titans and a lot of raids.

Boldtusk/Grimm/Jackal/Joon/WuKong is a very effective titan team.

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Delilah: lvl80 - 737 (ATK), 704 (DEF), 1345 (HP)
G. Jackal: lvl70 - 765 (ATK), 531 (DEF), 1032 (HP)

Delilah be even good as a tank hero. Also while her ATK is little lower, regardless being maxed… Having significantly better DEF and HP makes her a good choice even in titan battles. Typically the tile damage is what one should care about foremost and specials just a bonus. G. Jackal being the exception here! :stuck_out_tongue:

Like Zarsten has stated, G. Jackal accompanied by another holy, one would see more benefits.

The trick is keeping G. Jackal in the battle long enough, so using a good defensive holy troop, and be training it, very important!

Really short term vs long term. :yum:


Thank you for your reply!

Well taking Delilah to ascension 3 right now would only require the orbs (Just like Jackal) not the darts (4th ascension has the dart requirement). So it is a question of Jackal to 4’70 now or Delilah to 3’70?

I am leaning Jackal. :slight_smile:

Yellow + Jackal > Delilah + Yellow.

Raids, AW, doesn’t matter, pick any 5* including Joon: Jackal is second best in any group yellow period :wink:

You can find another off-color healer or hitter, Jackal to use @Kerridoc’s words is transformative especially with a level 11 mana troop which everyone will get to eventually.


I’ll say this. When I combined Wu, G Jackal and Delilah against a purple 8 star I scored over 50k on it!


Very nice!! Great info thanks