Delilah: Crossbreed of Thoth and Vivica

It happened that luck strikes on me and Exclusive hero of the Month of March Delilah, sprung out of my portal … And she was COOL!
They were right, she was a breed of Thot and Vivica but when she cast her special up to 3 times in the battle, she was Thoth on steroids… :)) !


I am so happy for you and cannot wait to meet your version of Delilah on the Battlefield! Congrats!

Looking forward to that sir, but wish i could ascend her as fast as i wanted…
… Will wait for ages for the ascension mats… :joy::joy::joy:

Kinda curious what position on the board is best for her? Either dead center or at least beside center piece, I would assume.

Secondo voi è meglio avere Dalila o Ginevra gli altri miei 4 eroi sono zeline Artù spartana e marjana.

Io sarei per Dalila perché a differenza di Ginevra il suo speciale non può essere annullato da zeline visto che ora in tanti hanno zeline

I’m not sure yet. I don’t generally take new 5 stars out to play until they are Max 3rd or above. Currently she’s just past her first ascension.

Its a long way to go through before shell be maxed, but to answer ur question, if shes on the 3rd tier or maxed out, shell be ther as healer so ill put her beside the tank hero so shell have a big chance to load up faster, making your tank hero to last longer bec she has a fast mana regeneration skill

So I pulled Delilah in my second (recently started) account that’s at level 10, so I figured “what the hell,” and just started playing with her. The craziest thing is that those castle guard minions actually hit the opponent every turn. This is not stated on the card anywhere I can see, so anyone know what the deal is?

So I’m hopin’ to revive this thread…GREAT information here!!!

Hoping to get Delilah this Atlantis (Feb 2020). And I’d like to know the answer to @Redeye 's question. Have you noticed how many turns Delilah’s minions hit? You’re right Redeye, it’s not on the card. :thinking:

Hi @amrath… I can’t really see any particularly good info here and the discussion is two years old. There are lots of more recent discussions on Delilah.

Unfortunately @Redeye hasn’t posted for over a year.

Minions do indeed fire every turn.

I’m going to re-close this thread, you’re very welcome to stick Delilah or minions into the search box and find something a bit more up to date :slightly_smiling_face:

For example