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Is half of your alliance intending to participate?

PRO: As I understand it, the points are split between the playing members. Unless you want to give more targets to the enemy, only playing members should set a defense.

CON: If your players are trying to dilute points (because they don’t think they will be scoring against high-level members of the other team), all of you can set defense.

Revelate…please weigh in! :grin:

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Awww! :grin:

Honestly, until all the (eventual) changes are cemented in place, my alliance is gamely participating (and enjoying it), just reporting any odd glitch here and there for the moment.

We assume AW isn’t in its final form yet, so we all get to play Beta Testers for once and shake out the feature. We find it fun. :wink:

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See PM. Glad I could make you laugh. :slight_smile:

The best cjance wpuld be for all to set up defenses, otherwise opponent can get all 2k points from 15 targets instead of 30

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Doesn’t matter if the revive timer is 24 hrs, if your alliance decides not to put up many defense and just put up 1 defense, you will be helping out the other team.

Please read how the scoring is done. So many ppl get confused by this and make up crazy ideas.

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read how scoring works. There are a couple lines from the dev that explains scoring

Here’s Dante’s War Primer (scroll down for scoring); he asked permission for SG to make this, so I’m assuming the details are correct. :wink:

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Scroll up to my link.

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I can at least you are trying to figure it out, so I will spell it out for you. Set as many defense teams as you can. This is make it harder for your opponent to score more points.

Example: you alliance has 30 defense team of basically the same strength (same strength here is key for the rest of the equations). This means that each team is worth 66 pts (half of which are the bonus pts from killing all members of the team), since it will be 2000 (the fixed amount an alliance is worth) divided by 30 (again only for our example of same defense).

Now if you decided to only put up 1 defense, your team would be worth 2000 pts. So killing your team would be worth a whole lot more. Doesn’t matter about revive time, since that is all equal.

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You now have the information of how scoring is done, you can apply the knowledge to your own exact sitatuation

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