Deleting the game. Recommend you follow suit

if u feel kinda cheated, then don’t spend. you will still able to enjoy the game (for 100% free) as long as u lower ur expecation and don’t get drooled if shiny new heroes come out.


Enjoy the game for free :joy::joy::joy::joy: haven’t heard that one before. But no iv quit some time back now. And won’t be fool again that’s for sure.

FTP players are lying if they say there enjoying the game as no player wants to feel left behind.

Thing is, you don’t have to keep up with your teammates. If you aren’t in a top alliance anyway, I can’t speak for them.

I personally don’t see the point in spending loads of cash on this game, but it’s my choice, based on my tastes. The way I spend my money is just as futile and wasteful, like most entertainment expenses are.

To be perfectly clear, I do think E&P’s business model is predatory and borderline unethical, but there’s not much I can do about it besides not recommending it to people who have an addictive personality.

If you stay in control and/or consciously decide to use your disposable income on the game, it’s a perfectly fine way to pass the time and have some fun.

I have. Many times.

Sure, all f2p players are liars who secretly hate themselves and play the game as a form of self-flagellation. :roll_eyes:


So hanging around a forum to bash other players if they spend money and call FTP players liars? What’s wrong with you? Seriously.


Genuinely this happens in all walks of life. People who couldn’t control their drinking will petition to close down pubs to “save us from ourselves”.

I guess there’s a need to form tribes. I don’t like something so I want others who don’t like it to join with me and then we shut it down so no one can have fun.

I really enjoy this game still, it scratches itches I like to scratch. When the day comes that they switch the servers off I’ll be sad it’s gone.

I get that some people won’t feel the same but that’s on them


Excuse me for jumping in but I sense the disturbance in the force. Out of curiosity, you hate the game, you won’t be Fooled Again, yet you hang around in the Forum which is a constant reminder of the game. Isn’t that somewhat like breaking up with a girlfriend and frequenting your favorite date night hotspots and being negative to anyone else that’s actually having fun on their date? You felt necessary to leave the game, and for that I say congratulations and fare thee well young Traveler… but why jump in with negativity and an attempt at shaming others that you disagree with? I could say that I’m 25 years old and built like Jessica Rabbit … Does it matter? . How does that affect your life? Live and Let Live my friend. Judge not for thee shall too be judged… :popcorn: :smiling_imp:


But actually nobody joins and nothing gets shut down because a couple randos who don’t actually play the game come ranting about it on an obscure forum, so what even is the point?

:rofl: “Leave this place this instant or your girfriend will be nerfed and your relationship will immediately become a codependency nightmare!!!”

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Oh, guess I’m lying then.

Or wait, alternate explanation - maybe I adjusted my expectations based on reality, started choosing which parts of the game to compete in instead of trying to do it all, and treat this game as what it is - a game and a past time, instead of killing myself trying to be the best ever.

Nah, too difficult and out of this world eh??


Can’t be “the best ever” for long anyway even if you pour money in month on month unless you Chase the new must-haves, and then hope that they don’t get nerfed.


This is me as a small spender “chasing” Treevil since the first Challenge Festival I:


@Chrislilt Nice to see you still around here and there. :+1:

I love all the friends I’ve made in the game and on the forum. :heart:
I strongly dislike a number of aspects of the game. I’ll leave it at that.


I mean my expectations of the game werent too high so when its basically as i expected it to be. Could be better sure.

:joy: Oh no! I knew you were chasing Bauchan, of all heroes, before even talking to you. Is Treevil your new Bauchan? I’d give you one if I could.


The game is toxic and iv been screwed over and over on it by SG. But I shouldn’t be come on especially after a few drink chatting :poop: so I am sorry for that my bad. I should of kept my thoughts to my self lol.


Eh, happens to the best of us. I think. I wouldn’t know. I’m not one of the best of us.

@Petri delete this fourm account for me plz. Before I upset more players lol.

whether anyone deletes your account or not… what you write is upto you…so mocking forum members shows what you are…

  • I don’t find the game toxic… bcoz, I take responsibility for my choices & decisions.

Personally, I don’t care what you & types write, say… :rofl:


Be sure to leave a rating on your app store before you quit. Who knows, maybe if this game gets enough poor ratings, they’ll actually start to care about the players and what they want. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

So…you drink a lot/often, eh?


I am about to follow you, I think my mind will be at peace when I do.