Deleting Forum Account vs. Anonymizing

I thought GDPR required deletion upon user request.

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You may have noticed that the article you linked listed the anonymize user option I mentioned:

Alternatively, a less disruptive solution is the “Anonymize User” button which leaves the posts but changes the username and everything else about the user so they are no longer identifiable… [rest of instructions omitted for brevity of quote]

Discourse prevents deleting a user without deleting all of their posts, and it prevents deleting all posts for any user with more than a few posts, or posts older than a certain age.

The settings can be changed for that, but they haven’t been.

In any event, this is why Support needs to be contacted.

We can’t address this.


I do not know any lawyers barred up in the European Union.

Would be interesting if you can deny the delete request outright.

Or if you can only offer the anonymize user option and must still delete if the user does not choose the anonymize user option.

I know the delete option was originally implemented before the GDPR to deal with spam accounts.

So you could not argue in court that deleting would require additional programming.


I, too, am surprised actual deletion is not an option

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I’m more surprised that it’d be an issue. If I dumped my girlfriend and told her to lose my number and never contact me again I wouldn’t continue to call her and show up at her doorstep to see if she’d deleted my contact info yet, but here this guy is calling SG back to ask “I haven’t heard from you since the breakup, have you deleted my number yet?”


You forgot the part where he asks for all of the money that he spent on dates.


Thanks for that @Benn, members of my alliance were asking an I was on the road. Helped out big time!

And loudly complains about her to all of the guys currently banging her, not at all taking the hint and just excusing himself from the room

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It has certain implications in a world where data is mined and your emails given to direct advertising lists. Presumably there are those who want to start off on a clean slate and therefore request deletion… if it’s not too late that is…

Deleting Facebook account is a good comparison, it’s not like we have the power to check but if you delete the account one would hope your details are deleted too since you requested it and they gave you the option


Except you can edit and remove your email address and other info at your own leisure…

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That’s prospectively, how about retrospectively?

Shouldn’t someone be able to loom over their shoulders to make sure companies are accountable?

Not sure how if one were actually so conspiratorial-minded that they thought the company would be tracking and maintaining that data for nefarious purpose despite their own removal of the data, they would sleep any sounder with assurances from that same company that they’ll dispense of that data…

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Try deleting your FB account, it will still be able to be found…FOREVER. Not to mention their facial recognition program is shared with many government agencies. Did you know you also agree to let them access your camera, search history, microphone…it goes on, when you 1st open an account?
Try searching “Furries” then go on FB and see what is suggested for you!!


:joy: Seriously NEVER, EVER do that. Friend of mine thought it would be funny…it wasn’t, he’s also no longer a friend with air in all 4 of his car tires. :wink:

Off Topic @zephyr1

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If that’s the case, maybe they just want the account removed so none of our mods can ping his IP address and find that he is posting his hometown and namesake…

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It’s true to an extent that you should just not use anything if you don’t trust it. Unfortunately that would mean you being a tech hermit.

I suppose it’s unavoidable that your data will be used in some shape or form

The question is shouldn’t we have the power to change our minds or have a greater say about what happens to our data

Obviously not a simple one to answer and applies to many cos

And yes @PapaHeavy being heavily involved in FB advertising this year I’m beginning to realise that we’ve made pacts with ‘the enemy’ lol


Not the point I was making, but sure

Wasn’t the point you were making that if someone is so cynical about companies they shouldn’t bother asking for deletion of their data because they can’t trust said company to do so?

Therefore if one is so cynical about these things it stands to reason that the safest approach is to not use anything at all?

I never questioned his right to have his data be private, only the line of thinking that would lead to the conclusion that “they cannot be trusted not to store my data on some clandestine database for nefarious purpose if I remove my data personally for the sake of privacy, but if I ASK them to remove it really nicely certainly they seem like a trustworthy lot…”


Well fair call, it takes a bit more than table manners to keep these big cos in check that’s for sure, assuming they did anything wrong in the first place

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