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deleted this post :zipper_mouth_face:

Getting 4 duplicates of a 3* takes some time and luck. Feed 3* heroes only color-matched 1*, and if you hit 3-60without getting max special, either leave it be or just keep throwing 1* heroes at it


This. OP is either pushing irony or insanity :slight_smile:

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I have 17 3* heroes. They’re maxed except there special skill. I have not a single 3* hero duplicate and I’m not able to get one. The leveling of the special skill from 3* heroes is ridiculous. And yes I know. Level yellow just with 1* or 2* yellow… I can’t count how many times I now tried to level the special of Brienne.

And if you’re really concerned about leveling 3* feeding dupes away is pretty suboptimal for AW.

I get lost on several of the posts like this due to the formatting but this one, yuck heh.

It gets a bit easier when you have 4 TC 13’s or TC20’s running, but I use the 10x 1* same color path until I get to 8/8 on a 3*. Why? I had a Nashgar go through an ENTIRE 3rd ascension (50 levels) at 7/8 without getting that 8/8.

Also - 3 duplicates + 6 same color 2* + 1 1* any color is 100% (or 101% if same color) if you want a little easier path.

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