Deleted progress on Game Play

Does anyone get back original account they made after deleting progress on Google Play? My data in game is all there ( account ID, info about invite, etc.) but start from level 1. I just hit 43 level before accident

I guess you need to open a ticket for this kind of help.
You know how to do that?

I did open ticket and got response but still didn’t solve problem. Just asking is support able to recover lost data? Cause saw many similar problems but no answer someone did got back account

It is not possible for Player Support to recover your Google Play/Games data, as we do not have access to Google Play accounts. You would need to contact Google directly.

If you deleted your Google Play Games account by accident, please try re-logging or re-adding your Gamer Profile ID.

To retrieve your Google Play Games data, contact Google as soon as possible. You can contact them here:

With kind help of support problem is solved. Needed connect my game with right mail/Google play account. Progress on Google play is lost but I have my game back

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Thats good news to read @Viper78

Make sure you keep synching the game to your google account!

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