Deleted heros

After longer pause with game im back but all of me heros are deleted…!
What is going on here ?
What can i do now ?
I’v got a lot of 5* and 4*…

Are you on Android or iOS? Are you logged in to the same Google Play / Game Center account you used previously when playing E&P?

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Google Play …

Grzechol,can we speak in Polish ? It will be easier for me

  1. In theory, they can remove your account if you don’t log in for 180 days according to terms of service. But in practice it usually doesn’t happen.
  2. Ensure you log in using the same Google Play account you used previously. Check the settings section in game:
  3. If you still can’t access your account, see these support articles:
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After installing the game, it logged me automaticaly to my previous account, and i am linked to my facebook account. But the problem is that all my characters are gone. I can provide you some Screenshots.

We can but not here. Please create a thread in #foreign-languages category.

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Grzechol i created new topic in foreign landuages

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