Delete o change ameonna heroe

My opinion is that it should be deleted from the game or totally changed, it does not work, it does not work at all and it is the worst hero of the game
I listen to your comments in this respect I hope you do something because invoking and receiving it is worse than receiving a repeated 3 * hero

Still not as bad as Shale


I’d actually try to chase her, and pull in S4 only when she’s featured (or when xno is :roll_eyes:)

She’s a season 2 hero though


That’s what happens when you miss coffe so bad. I dead Lepiota :zipper_mouth_face:


:rofl: Oh man, Lepi is totally worth maxing imho. Ammeona… not so much. I think I fed off the last ammeona I had that I was saving for unknown reasons.


I still have her on my roster with emblems. She doesn’t see much action these days, but she is useful for war depth. Her high tile attack value made her useful against titans. Her special can be useful near the end of a raid/war attack when the defense is charged and I can watch them pass through her with no problems. Wouldn’t use her on the defense though.

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Salmon Loki remains the undisputed heavyweight champion of being the worst hero in this game.

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