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[Warning, Tip] Beware leveling costumes or hoard 3* / 4* duplicate costumes or leveling costumes like using 4* trainer heroes for 3* hero skill rolls


Unlike base heroes, duplicate costumes take up zero space to store.

Costumes have a horrible +% special skill roll / Hero XP.

Like 4* / 5* Trainer heroes used to level 3* base heroes.

( add links for trainer heroes and 7/8 5* 4.70 Rigard )( learn how to use binomial calculator to redo off color leveling chart )

When a costume is maximum tier, maximum level, +% special skill roll gains a 5x multiplier.

( add link to base hero example).

So when a costume is at maximum tier, maximum level, a duplicate costume is +100% special skill roll and waiting costs no gems or storage space.

3* Costumes

Save all duplicate 3* Costumes until all copies of that costume you intend to level are 3* 3.50 or 8/8 guaranteed.

I level 2x all 3* healers for war, and Challenge events ( except a single Friar Tuck ).

Until I have 2x Hawkmoon costumes at 3* 3.50 or both at 8/8, I will save all duplicate Hawkmoon costumes.

Then I will use the duplicate costumes for a guaranteed +100% special skill roll.

4* Costumes

Unlike 4* base Heroes, 4* costumes have a significant chance of not reaching 8/8 by 4* 4.70 .

( add link for 7/8 5* 4.70 Rigard )

Not as bad as 3* costumes, but still bad.

Save all duplicate 4* Costumes until all copies of that costume you intend to level are 4* 4.70 or 8/8 guaranteed.

I level 2x all 4* healers for war ( except a single Kashhrek and a single Gadeirus )

Until I have 2x Rigard costumes at 4* 4.70 or both at 8/8, I will save all duplicate Rigard costumes.

5* costumes

Without our math wizards, I do not know the odds of a 7/8 5* 4.80 costume, but duplicate 5* costumes take zero storage.

I will be saving all duplicate 5* costumes until the 5* costumes are 5* 4.80 or 8/8.


(Special skill odds )



On a related note - do you think it makes sense to only feed 3* costumes with 1* feeders (and possibly only 2* feeders for 4* costumes)?

Costumes FAQ:


I was thinking about this, and I think it’s still better to use Costumes as feeders, and not use them for maxing Special Skills.

Looking at 3* Costumes, 1* matched color feeders give 450 XP, so 10 would be 4500 XP.

That’s far less than a duplicate 3* Costume is worth at 12800 XP.

So it’s less wasteful to use 10x 1* matched color feeders to fix a stuck Special Skill once a Costume is other maxed than to use a duplicate Costume — enough so that I don’t think the advantage of it not requiring Hero Roster capacity is typically going to be worthwhile.

For 4* heroes it’s an even steeper difference, since the duplicate Costume is worth even more XP. (I think 18400 XP, but it’s hard to confirm until ascending a 4* Costume, because they’re worth more XP than the entire first 40 Levels.)

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The problem is

I do not know how to use a binomial calculator so I cannot check if you are correct.

The Costume leveling is st* p* d ( we do not have to level class nodes on a costume).

The costume formula is incredibly weird ( compare 3* / 4* trainer hero for leveling costumes)

None of the math makes sense.

Did I mention I hate Costume chamber merciless RNG?

I HATE off color feeding. Argh.

No way to do decent analysis with only 2 costumes.



Devs could have solved this ages ago by making all max tier, max level heroes 8/8 special skill.

([Suggestion] Upgrade Trainer Hero (+skill roll) - #2 by Gryphonknight)

([Stub, Suggestion] 3* Heroes start at special skill 4/8)

(3* Special skills - #7 by Gryphonknight)


Dam gryph, tell us how you really feel lol


Ok, I know what you mean, i.e.:

Yes, 10x 1* is more efficient than a duplicate Costume once you’re already stuck…

…but — would we be less likely to get stuck if we used 1* as feeders initially, and thus save XP overall, which is a binomial probability calculator question.

And Food costs complicate matters too.

I miss Garanwyn too. :cry:


Isn’t all this irrelevant if you are FTP and will likely not have any dupes to write home about until say 6 months later by which time I would have just levelled them the normal way?


Make love to me gently with a powered tree trimming gasoline equipment.

Same color leveling of costume is +50% instead of +20% for base hero leveling.

But how are you going to keep leveling a rainbow team of costumes?!

I’d recommend leveling with duplicate costumes. 50% special up per costume and lots of xp.

One duplicate 3* costume totally completes the first tier of itself and two complete the 2nd tier with 100% special up.

10 feeders to finish the special will be made fast in tc19.

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