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Can somebody delete my account? From forum, beta and game? Thanks!

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No one has your information (account name, email address and passwords) to do this for you, I am sorry you are wasting your time by asking.

Now if you are needing information on how to delete the items desired, we can help with that, if you would like?

IDK about forum but I read somewhere that if you ask SG by in-game support to delete your account they will do this (I’m not sure if this is true tho)


Fourm account you will have to contact support.

If you wish to delete your game then unstill the app. Same with beta.


Actually, this is not really deleting the game, since the app can be re-installed and the game continued at any time…

Although I dont know if this is the case for the guy asking, people with addiciton problems probaby need an answer how the actual GAME can be deleted. Would it be enough to deinstall and delete the google play entry or is the game somewhere else saved in the cloud?



Your account can be deleted. I know as I did it.

The devs can, and will, delete your account from their servers upon request via support ticket. That particular request took some digging to find but it is in there. The process takes a while and requires your permission at various stages (via email).

Once complete, when you log in next you’ll be back at the very beginning, tutorial and all. Everything you have earned or bought will be gone. Uninstal from your phone and you’re done. :slightly_smiling_face:

I did this to break ties with the game, as starting the whole thing over again is not particularly appealing.

Good luck to you for the future.


Ok so I guess that deleting my account from the game also would delete my beta account… now what about the forum account??

Well it’s a website you can just not visit

Hi @anon64771832

As dudious said above, this is unfortunately not something that the Forum can assist with. We are all, buy and large, just players like yourself.

For any closures / removal of accounts, be it forum or in-game/ beta, you will need to contact the suppor team via the in-game support tickets.


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