Delayed raid result shown

First I thought I got raided while being on line… then I’ve noticed the time of the enemy raid… Why did someone raid me two hours ago and I got noticed only after I took 5 consecutive raids, so I was online for quite a while?

I’m so jealous of all your iron :drooling_face:


It’s been pileing up for six days now. SH 19 to 20. Crafted dragons, bombs, banners, arrows and axes for a while to spend some of it but I don’t like having to many available. I’d rather have a stockpile of raw materials available.

I’m broke on iron and food. I’m the dude who needs to win a raid to make enough iron to craft a couple turtle banners before hitting a titan lmao

I really don’t understand that… my mines are level 12 and I never miss iron. But iron is not my strong point. Food is. I got about 10 million stored away in TC 11 and 13… And the stockpile grows each day…I think TC 19 will solve that problem when it will come online, if I’ll have some heroes worth power leveling by then. 4* troops leveling helps spending some food, but feeders come too slow… And I only have three 4* troops.

Looks like some sort of bug, either just a display issue or that the fix they put in to prevent being raided while online isn’t quite fixed. @sara

I clarified thread title and moved to #bugs-issues

My mines and farms are all at 20 but I never have enough of food or iron lol

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