Definition of inactivity during war

Players who have been inactive during two wars are automatically opted out of wars.
There seems to be a confusion about what they mean by inactive. Some pages say it means that the player has not used any flags for two wars. Other pages say it means that the player has not been logged in at all during the time.
That distinction is important but notes are not very clear. If a player is not opted out after missing two wars but has been logged in between the wars that means we might have to dismiss that player but if the player has automatically been opted out we can let the player stay since they will probably not do any more damage to the war effort.
Please note that I need answers, not more rumours :slight_smile:

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Just yesterday @Kerridoc posted this:


Inactivity during wars means that they didn’t use any war flags. They will be automatically opted out after two consecutive wars during which they didn’t use any flags – regardless of whether they were logged in during the war, or not.


Indeed. That’s why the ghost alliances cannot participate at wars.


Thank you for clearing that up for me :slight_smile:

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