Definition of defensive buffs

It wasnt :slight_smile:

If you read thru the thread I quoted from the behaviour was buggy…

Essentially if there was no defensive buff, it wouldn’t process the chance to bypass. If there WAS a defensive buff it processed the chance to bypass. If successful, it would bypass EVERYTHING, even those buffs not intended to be bypassed originally (like the reflect),

So really, the change hasn’t fixed the underlying issue which is that the Pierce ability, when successful, bypasses ALL buffs, not just the “defensive” buffs.

I know… and that was the whole point of the Mitsuko thread… Mainly that it wasn’t consistent.

And as I said above, the “fix” by adding Reflect to the Buffs which can trigger the processing of the Pierce chance doesn’t fix the issue… which is that if the Pierce ability is successful, it bypasses ALL buffs. Not just the “defensive” ones.

Link back to the original Mitsuko / Reflect vs. Pierce Chance thread: [Solved - V33 Update] Reflect buffs can only be bypassed by Ranger Talent, Ninja troops, etc. IF there's another defensive buff casted on top of it

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