Definition Of A Great Alliance Leader

That was pure happenstance! :grin:

Seriously though. One more:

There are MANY great leaders! The game is full of wonderful people who love the game and do their best to encourage their players to have fun and help each other. They are all different, in different groups, doing different things, but all the same: They are great.


I am glad I stumbled across this topic because the leader for my alliance had to step aside and deal with some irl stuff and promoted me to leader. Cause I was about to ask you guys here what makes a good alliance leader. :grin::+1:@anc1ent1 Thank you for making this topic.


Leader is work, but fun. I hope I do it right, in my alliance- leader- starting- days (no native speaker, is that one word? :thinking:) I was confused and stressed, but it’s a joy once you get there. :slightly_smiling_face:


Just the fact that you were thinking about it and going to ask for a little direction proves that you have the makings of a fantastic leader.

Best of luck to you in your future endeavors and remember you can always come back here for any help that you might need. :sunglasses: :wink: :pirate_flag:


I typically evaluate a leader based on the following:


What would @voidstrike do?

If the leader does the opposite of that, they’re a ■■■■ masterpiece.


Well I think you’re selling yourself a little short. I would most definitely follow you. ( I’ve heard that you know where all the good rum is )


Being a leader takes a lot of dedication and time not only for your decision making process but also for your co leaders and elders that you have to send messages to and keep on the same page. Everyone is a cohesive unit for the leadership to be successful in titan battles and in wars. You fight together you win or lose together as a family.


I’ll add that a great leader also does the dirty work, like recruiting.


a good leader … you have to give up the chairmanship sometimes. Delegate full power to a trusted person. We’ve been playing in one team for two years together. Trust pays off. Remember that.

“You don’t have to be a boss to boss” just be.

Each member of the team is a leader in itself. :wink: :wink: :wink:

We can’t help it. You just have to listen and do what your friends want.


There arent leaders without followers, the best of the best died for the rest, the sorrows and secrets and darkness collide. Everyone under the leader was willing to die, he saw, he felt, he fought and died, for the love of the rest to spread in the tides


Down in darkness from the blue, I felt yellow, red, green and purple too. A leader fights, a leader dies, the one that comes back has both love and hate in his eyes. The best he wished and for love he fights, he know that he will make everything right. The power of all died for none, so the forgotten and lost formed as one. Through darkness it comes and through light is spreads, you cant stop the one that wont be dead.


In a selfish game like this leadership is tricky.

Each guild needs different leading patterns one may need a kind of omnipresent leader who encourages all members to involve in the alliance
Others just and administrator and coordinator.

Uni person leadership requires heavy effort I prefer some core members which manages different sections (depending of the guild developement they could be: wars, social, titans, theorycraft…)

And a leader must know that it is impossible to keep everyone happy all the time.


Most important quote of the whole thread!


Thanks for your input and I couldn’t agree more about coleaders being strong also and having special skills in specific areas. Best of luck to you in the game and life. :sunglasses:


Very cool. When I was reading this it made me think of Braveheart. Another great perspective. Thanks for sharing.


One of the things great leaders do/know is to vacate the position at the right time. Succession planning is a good idea that needs to be put in practice. Great leaders think ahead and mentor their replacement(s) to keep continuity for the group.


Such a great point. So glad you shared this perspective. Leadership should be unselfish.


My definition would probably be the same as most (at least in this game):

  • Strong or at least capable
  • Lead by example
  • Unselfish and willingness to teach
  • Fair (reward and punishment must be meted out fairly - I just kicked out a lv47 player for not participating in war)
  • Knowing how to delegate work and don’t interfere/overwrite advice given by your Co’s unless necessary
  • Never talk down to those that follow you (just because you might be better doesn’t mean the rest are stupid)

Probably one of the toughest things to do as a leader but definitely necessary.
I left my first alliance because of a major issue in this area. Members not using or even caring about their war flags, Not hitting Titans with any kind of regularity,etc.

The leader was a super nice guy but at the end of the day just too nice. It hurt everybody in the alliance that was trying to become better players and improve.
Kudos to you for understanding that sometimes you got to do what you Gotta do.

Thanks for your input and wishing continued success for your alliance.


Fortunately I am rarely short on members. Still 30/30 2 hours after kicking out that player. Kick one to warn the others.


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