Definition Of A Great Alliance Leader

Thought I would start a discussion on everybody’s opinion of what a great alliance leader really is.
@zephyr1 If this needs to be merged let’s go ahead and do it but maybe It can stand alone.

I’ll start things off with a few of my thoughts on what makes a great alliance leader.

  1. A wise and humble leader:
    Somebody who knows the in’s and outs of the game and readily shares their knowledge on a regular basis to the rest of the members in the alliance. Does it in a way that encourages but never breaks the morale of any individual !!!

  2. Chooses Co-leaders Who possess the same qualities and considers demographics of said co-leaders to efficiently cover the various time zones of its members.

  3. Creates a war strategy that produces a reasonable win/loss ratio that keeps its members motivated to participate and encourages them to be better prepared for battle. Does it in a way that influences continuity and not conformity.

  4. Consistently encourages its members on their accomplishments within the game through verbal communications on a third party app such as Line, Discord, etc. and promotes an atmosphere of that family feeling and the freedom for all to Express themselves and become closer in a safe environment.

  5. And my last thought although I have many more is to encourage humor and to promote an atmosphere of competitive fun. Because if you’re not having fun there really is no point to any of this. Enjoy the game and enjoy your alliance because there’s a pretty good chance that your alliance is the reason that you enjoy the game.

Lastly I would like to say that I am fortunate enough to have this kind of leader in my alliance.
@zephyr1 more than demonstrates these attributes and I am 100% confident that everyone in our alliance shares these sentiments.

So feel free to share your thoughts and encourage your leader right here on this post. And by all means have a fantastic day and a great week. :sunglasses:


I don’t think it needs a merge, but I did move it to Gameplay Help & Tactics :slightly_smiling_face:


Good thing I meet this criteria:

So that I can say I‘m fortunate to have you as a great Co-Leader :slightly_smiling_face:


A good Leader is one that is coherent with the type of alliance he/she want to have.

The very definition of “good leader” change for me according to competitive/casual, national/international, what kind of goals he/she have in mind and so on…

In that sense there’s “several kind” of good leaders.


I’m not an expert on any of this, but I think I could add something that we do in Helios.

A good alliance leader understands that they are no one special. They are the swing vote, but they rely on the active consideration and conversation of the Co-Leaders and alliance members for the direction of the alliance.

The alliance leader sets the culture and tone of the alliance, and failure to do so will lead the alliance to plod along without an identity. This will lead to confusion and attrition. Sometimes making the tough calls to drop the axe on a member or enforce policies, all for the direction of the alliance and the climate they wish to foster.

The rest I agree with also.


Oh I 100% percent agree with that too. There are definitely alliances that have different goals and motivations that you would definitely need a varying type of leader for each said alliance.
Very well done and thanks for your input :+1:t3:


A great leader should do what the title suggests and lead the alliance.

Have a vision for the alliance and plan of getting there.

Set the rules and expectations of alliance and manage people to them.

Take action against non compliance of rules in a fair manor.

Build a team of like minded co leaders to ensure the leader can sleep and have a life outside of the game.

Know when they can no longer be the great leader and step away no matter how hard it may be.


I think a dictator would not make a good alliance leader at all and I think this is what you’re trying to say.
I mean there are certain things which require the final word but those are few and far in between in an alliance with a humble leader.
Thanks for your thoughts they mean a lot. :sunglasses:


Very well put and very true.
I was part of an alliance(my only other one) and without the vision there was no growth. That is why I left. There was great camaraderie but no goals as far as getting better as a whole.

Thanks for your thoughts and input they are much appreciated and what this thread was created for!!


One of the earlier alliance leaders I encountered micromanaged a bit, criticized activity often and was off-putting. Other leaders were hands-off, or did not chat, which was not super helpful either. I prefer my leader to be engaged and active, but reliant upon decisions-by-committee.

I ended up getting this role tossed in my lap, over another that I considered more deserving. When I polled the team (offering to give it up) they told me to keep it, so here I am. So I just try to be someone that others will tolerate and feel they can have fun as they choose, while being competitive.


That’s awesome that you left it up to your alliance on whether or not you would be the leader.
In my opinion that in it’s self is the epitome of a great leader.

Even as a coleader I felt that I might not be doing enough to organize war during my time slots. I told the boss :rofl: and the other coleaders that if I was not doing what was expected of me that I would gladly step down as coleader and I would have without taking offense.

It ended up being a positive thing because they all said I was doing OK.

From all the things I’ve seen you participate in and all of your comments I can see that your teammates are lucky to have someone like you.

Best of luck in your future endeavors @PeachyKeen . :sunglasses::wink:


You’re good people @AncientPirate1
Thanks for your thoughts.

Of course, I sincerely wish for your demise should we ever become engaged in War. Until then… :slight_smile:


Being an Alliance leader, I have to say you also have to know your weakness and the strengths of your alliance members. I have 2 people in my alliance that have a mind for war strategy. I give over almost all control of the war to them and listen to their advice, as I know they excel in that area, where I feel like I am meh when it come to war.

I also think creating an environment that your members can come to you with an issue is very important . I have several teenagers in my alliance, so creating an environment that they can come to me with a problem (game or life) and know that I care is very important.

Availability is another thing for me. Minus a few hours while I am asleep my Alliance knows they can get a hold of me.

I think @AncientPirate1 was spot on with what makes a Great Alliance Leader and I found myself questioning if I meet all the criteria :slight_smile:


A good leader is a man with a big heart. With purpose. It does not have to be top1 alliances. Just listen to the people you work with and choose the right “pack of friends”. Best regards.


Thank you so much for your input.
It’s quite obvious that you care about your alliance and humbly admit some limitations in your ability. (this is a good thing)

The beauty of it all is that as you go you will be learning about war strategy from your co-leaders.

This is also very awesome to me. Not all alliances might encourage real life discussions on a third-party app but I think it’s cool that yours does. We definitely do in ours also.

I would genuinely hope that someday I could run in to one of my alliance mates. I think that although it’s a game, I believe that we have developed real friendships.

I know this is true of this forum. Just ask @Jedon when he gets better if anyone really cares. We do.

Again thanks so much for your fantastic input and have a great day. :pirate_flag::pirate_flag::pirate_flag:


You nailed it perfectly in one small paragraph. Great words from a wise person. All the best to you.


I can only confirm everything.

Sometimes you should question yourself if you as a leader are really the right.

At a time when I had a great deal of work, I overreacted to the vice leaders at a LINE chat.

After that, I decided allone to leave the Alliance for a while.

Now back I can lead the team again in old serenity.

We are a mixed alliance 1/3 is over 1 year, 1/3 over 1/2 year and 1/3 shorter.

That we will never play at the top is clear to each of our members.

But even small increases such as a higher Titan and won allianz wars delight everyone and keep them with us.


That’s a very good outlook that you and your alliance have. It’s not that anyone’s expectations are low it is just that there needs to be short term accomplishments that make everyone feel good.

Ironically these short term accomplishments also result in growing as an alliance. Maybe not number one maybe not in the top 100, But never say never, you never know what’s gonna happen down the road.

Thanks for the time you took to give your input. Good luck to you and your alliance. :sunglasses:


Great leaders admit when they are wrong and are willing to share decision making.

Great leaders come alongside their weaker alliance members and help them grow stronger.

Great leaders ask questions.

And…I can’t help it:



*great leaders are also willing to double as the alliance mascot