Defining good pulls and methods

How can one define what is a “good” or “bad” pull when someone else pulling those same heroes might see it as the opposite based on their roster? Particularly when trying to judge the effectiveness of the Dawa or other method.

If I pull nothing but 3* heroes on a 10 pull it is bad. Unless some of those 3* heroes help me ramp up my odds of improving my special on a 3* I’m leveling. Or if my pull includes some 3* event heroes I want. Good 3* heroes are a necessity to max out scores on some challenges/events and in tournaments so Bjorn is a good pull IMO.

For many, pulling a couple of 4* heroes is a “good” pull. But pulling another Hu Tao and Agwe isn’t helpful at all for me, so that’s a bad pull. On the other hand, pulling Carol rather than a second Quintus is much better for me even though a 5* is rarer than a 4*.

Pulling a HOTM is always good, right? But am I really ever going to spend the mats to max a second Noor or Glenda? Since I’m not that isn’t a good pull for me. I’d literally rather pull 3* Bjorn than many 5* heroes at this point in the game.

Lastly, after using a method, how many pulls are considered the result of that method? 1? 10? 30? An unlimited number if done within 5 minutes?

I think a lot of people may apply different standards of what is “good” if they use a method they like versus a random pull. I find it easy to believe some may have considered pulling yet another Grimm “bad” in a random 10 pull, yet might consider it “good” due to rarity for the purposes of evaluating a method result they now use.


i say good pull to anyone that pulls a hero they want regardless of star…

never put much thought into it other than “you got somethin you wanted?”…“nice pull”


It’s a good pull if you get something useful or that you wanted :slight_smile:


For me, summoning heroes from portals singly or by x10 or by x30 is like buying moissanite, white sapphire, and cubic zirconia. You know they are fake diamonds yet you still want them for a slim chance that one of them might actually be a real diamond.

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humans are just bad at translating the given chances of something happening into real outcomes. It just feels unfair for many but realy isn’t. Good take is always to expect nothing and be happy if you get a good pull. “bad” should instead be viewed as “normal” in that sence.

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There are good pulls and there are useful pulls.

A good pull is one that is better than the given odds. For example, a 10-pull of all 3* is not a good pull because that is about as bad as you can get, odds-wise. A ten-pull with even one 4* is still not good as a 4* is the expected result every 4 pulls. A ten-pull with two 4* is probably about average. Anything better than that, say 3 4* or a 5*, is good.

A useful pull is one that strengthens your bench, and that is a different thing altogether. A pull of 10 3* could be useful if you get a new event or seasonal 3* you can use in tournaments and challenge events. Still not a good pull but a useful one. A dupe 5* is not useful unless you plan on making use of that hero (like say a dupe Ursena or Lianna or such).


This is it, well said. :+1:

Every time I pulled a 5*, or a bunch of 4* I know it’s a good pull. Now, did I get anything that I’m gonna be excited about? It’s a different question. Realization that I’m very rarely truly happy with my pulls led me to decision to settle down with much less spending. Because, too often good pulls were nothing but the source of frustration. Sometimes even more than those pulls when I get literally nothing. You know, there’s that feeling of wasted “luck”, when your rare event is actually worthless.


You know, there’s that feeling of wasted “luck”, when your rare event is actually worthless.

For me, that’s getting a 3* from a grey (normal) summon token.

I got lucky, yay!
After the endorphin rush, it’s still Friar Tuck.


Hahaha… Well, at some point those silver coins just become the tool for superstition summoning metods. Like, after that Friat Tuck, you should try your luck elsewhere. :joy:

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Unfortunately the longer you’ve been playing the less likely even a good pull is useful.


I completely agree with @nevarmaor’s explanation. However, a hero can be useful for someone and useless for other. Regarding HOTMs, they’ll be always welcome, (as they’re an extra prize) although I might not max them in a short term.

In the eye of the beholder. I’d rather pull one 4 star that I’ll use a lot than 2 Five stars that I’d never ascend.

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