Defensive woes - Advise needed please

I feel like I struggle creating a passable defensive team. How would you assemble defense from my pack of heroes? Who should I focus on getting ascended?

Poseidon max +7
Leonidas max +9
Vivica 3rd tier max
Hu Tao max

Rumplestiltskin max +7
Vela 3rd tier max
Sonya max +17
Triton max +6
Boril max

Anzogh max +8
Noor 3rd tier max
Jean-Francois 3rd tier max
Kelile max +17
Sumitomo max
Boldtusk max
Khagan 1st tier

Melendor max +10
Gadeirus max +10
Little John max +14
Skittleskull max
Kashhrek 3rd tier max
Peters 3rd tier max
Caedmon 3rd tier max

Grimble max +7
Tiburtus max +13
Proteus max
Rigard max
Sabina max

I’m wrestling with your slow greens. And tank issues

I’D say finish Caedmon then
Caedmon, Tiburtus, Leo, Rump, Kelile

Taking a beating is not abnormal. You may have to take them with a grain of salt for a while.


Firstly, welcome to the forum.

Totally agree with this point.

Because you already have them emblemed I’d put Anzogh, Poseidon, Rumple on the team… but then? Tagging a friend wiser than me @ThePirateKing

I would suggest: Melendor - Rumple - Anzogh - Grimble - Poseidon

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You can assemble a team around 4000 depending on your troops.

I´d go a curious team:

Melendor: Your best healer and dispeller.
Tiburtus, defense debuffer and damage provider.
Leonidas: He can be a nightmare of weaker teams if he doesn´t die soon. If he fires gains sustain and buys time for other heroes.
Proteus: Try to emblem him. With 2 purples flanking It´s risky to stack purple against you. He is a great mana controler.
Poseidon: A not bad sniper and a hero who provides nice buffs.

As your leveling priorities:

Vela; JF; Peters.

Thank you all for your input and advice. Much appreciated and has given me alot of new thoughts on building defenses.

Indeed I have been struggling with the tank position. This is a fun part of the game though for me that teams have some variance and you cant just go shopping to get the exact hero you want.

Would anyone recommend leveling up Kashhrek for the tank role, and how would you build around that if you were in my shoes?

No, I would not.

Kashhrek’s problem is that the opponent can endlessly dump tiles into him, with almost no consequences; so even if the opponent gets a real bad board, they get plenty of time to fix it. The costume is somewhat better, in that the healing can exceed Max HP which makes the situation for the opponent worse than when they started; but for general defence, it’s still not fantastic.

If your alliance is requiring you to field a Nature tank, Gadeirus is a “reasonable” tank, and you already have him built up. Caedmon and Peters are probably better uses for your Nature feeders, and Proteus is likely a better use for your Wizard Emblems.

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