Defensive team set up

Any suggestions for defensive team? I think mine could do better… my first team on top is my current def team.


Lots of nice heroes to choose from.

One observation is that you are levelling a lot of heroes at once. If you want a solid defense I would suggest not doing that, but rather pick your five defenders (assuming you want a rainbow defense) and only feed them as high as they will go

I think your best tank (third character in order across the screen) is Kashrek, and that is really the only place he should be. Get Kashrek to 3/60 and put him in the middle

I will post again once I have looked at all your characters. Some do well at tank (middle), some at flank (2 and 4) some at wings. Will try to advise further on those selections shortly

And please stop feeding your second Hu Tao, you won’t need more than one of those any time soon

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I reckon your best set up is probably Zim, Grimm, Kash, Rigard, Hu Tao. Valeria is not a noted defender, but as you have used the capes on her maybe sub her in for Grimm until you ascend him with more capes

My advice is to concentrate on these and ascend them as far as they will go. I really question whether you ascend Hu Tao using orbs, he is pretty meh. If you get enough orbs and darts sometime in the future you could have Justice as your tank, you probably wouldn’t include her anywhere else in your lineup

Use single colour training on these five, feeding only yellow to Hu, only blue to Grimm, etc, so that you max their special skills

Good luck. Post again if more questions

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