Defensive team idea (I need advice and comments, please)


SH 14, LVL 25
Centre: Grimm 3/60
Left flank: Friar Tuck- fully ascended, fully levelled, fully maxed SS
Left rear: Wu Kong- 2/42, SS 7/8
Right flank: Belith- fully ascended, fully levelled, 6/8 SS
Right rear: Nashgar- fully ascended, fully levelled, fully maxed SS

The only aubergine-coloured hero I have is Prisca and she’s maxed out in everything. The only reason why I didn’t put her on defence is because she doesn’t have fast mana gain.

Thanks a lot in advance to everyone who will contribute!


I would replace Friar Tuck with Prisca


Why is that? I’m curious. I put him in even though I have Belith because his SS allows further mana generation. And two healers can’t hurt a defensive team, besides the obvious lack of one element and twice the weakness to fire.


Neither are very good but Friar Tuck is basically about the worst 3 star hero in the game, plus you get the benefit of a rainbow team.


I dislike Friar Tuck as well, but here are your two for comparison:

Friar Tuck is a healer (you already have Belith); nice if you want to have double healers or double on greens. While his tile dmg (Atk) is slightly higher than Prisca, she has better Def and Hp.

As Tyler says, Prisca will give you a rainbow team. She’s a better defensive hero, so she will live longer, and her special does offensive dmg, which you will prolly need. Win win.

I would Line up your heroes thus:

1 Belith (far left)
2 Nashgar (mid left)
3 Grimm (center)
4 Prisca (mid right)
5 WuKong (far right)

I would Level Grimm as fast as you can, ditto your other unleveled heroes. And—no matter how bad other players consider them—I wouldn’t throw away any undesirable 3/4/5* at your stage. Even an unfavorable hero can help you when you don’t have other options. :wink:


@Rook would you mind telling me why you structured those heroes as such? I’m curious, again. Also, I’m lacking 2 warm capes, hence the reason why I cannot fully ascend Grimm.


Are those the only 6 heroes you have, admiral? I like your original proposal if those are it, but would like to see your bench.

Prisca is just awful, and flanking Grimm with healers is a good idea - he’s squishy. He ought to be okay at your cup level, but the heals and mana gen from tuck will help.


Agree, both Friar and Prisca are bleah. I’d prefer a Balthazar or Berden if he has them.

@AdmiralEnzo The computer AI fires from left to right. You want your healers and debuffers typically on the left. Wu can cause heroes’ specials to miss, so you want him on the right, firing last. Also I like to group certain colors together (“strong” and “weak” colors), since I won’t take as high incidental damage from enemy shots that miss. Lastly, though I don’t think I did it here, I put slow colors at center, average next to them and fast at the outside (positions 1 and 5); I know it takes more hits for my slow heroes to get enough mana to fire…they might not get it sitting at the outer positions.


@Jalia this is my current battle/defence- capable team. I just got Boldtusk from the comic book offer after 1 EH token.



I have neither Balthazar nor Berden. I’ve been hoping to pull the former from free daily summons, but with no luck. I did follow your structuring advice and have repositioned my heroes as such. We’ll see how that fairs defensively. No attacks from other players so far.

What do you mean when you said you group certain colours together?


Blue tank, red flank makes the green tile damage that splashes hitting your tank weak. Red flank green wing protects your wing the same way.

Boldtusk is awesome, he should be your priority now.


Would you mind explaining this with regards to which heroes and at which positions? I just got Boldtusk, but I’m definitely making fire heroes at my TC since yesterday.


My raid defense is left to right Chao, Rigard, Boldtusk, Skittleskull, Grimm.

Chao and Rigard compliment each other in colors.

Boldtusk is weak to blue, Skittleskull is strong against blue. Skittleskull is weak against red Grimm is strong against red.

There is more to it than that, Fast hitters should go in the corners so they last long enough to fire. Slow heroes should always flank to build Mana and fire before they die. The specials also fire left to right. The idea with my set up is Boldtusk fires then Grimm or Skittleskull.


Ooh. I like this logic. This makes so much more sense now. I structured mine like how @Rook said. I think it’s similar to your set up. Thank you very much for all your input!


In the near term, it looks like you might be able to level up Tyrum without too much trouble. He’s a very good 3* tank, and has a useful special.

In the near term, I’d work towards:
Grimm, Belith, Tyrum, Friar Tuck, Nashgar
(Maybe use Prisca, Belith, Grimm, Friar Tuck, Nashgar until Tyrum is up to speed)
I wouldn’t use Wu on defense - his miss rate is rough when you don’t get to control the battle and he’s another non-hitter. That said, you’ll want to level him for titans and possibly offensive raids.

For the future, I would suggest working towards a defense team of:
Grimm, Belith, Boldtusk, Chao, Nashgar
That’s a good mix of skills - defense debuff from Grimm, Dispell and heal from Belith, attack buff and heal from Boldtusk, and two single hitters with good secondary skills in Chao and Nashgar.


No worries on what you don’t have. As you keep playing, you’ll get more heroes.

Others have already explained it, but all elements (colors) have strong and weak interactions with other colors.

The short/fast way I remember it is:

Blue Red Green Yellow Purple

Blue defeats Red
Red defeats Green
Green defeats Blue
Yellow and Purple defeat each other.