Defensive Team Dilemma-I need you!

Hey Forum Master I have question about my future defensive team. I was lucky enough to pull Grave from Atlantis after chasing him for 2 years.

Current defense team

Tyr-Vela-Telly-Ursena-Costume Joon

I have jabberwock at 3/70. Pulled Clarissa and of course Grave.

I was thinking of a defense team of



Seshat-vela-telly-grave-costume joon

With my current listed defense team and the other heroes listed I was hoping for some help in constructing the best/scariest defensive team, thanks!!

Do this

See: Forum ToS of my reply

Swap Jabber/Clarissa for Seshat if you want to change it up.

I don’t see how this is a dilemma…

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in My honest opinion, I would probably trial
Clarissa-vela-telly-grave-costume joon
Good luck

I was thinking of doing that too

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Rainbow is always a good recommendation.

Jabber, GM, Telluria, Vela, Costume Joon

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