Defensive mana generate

Which of your heroes gain mana depends entirely on what color they are and what tiles you match.

Yet another reason that stacking is strong.

Technically - for each tile that is matched/exploded, any hero you have of that color will get charged. Which could be all heroes, if you are going mono

Either that…
Or very weak.

I personally don’t find mana gain a mono advantage. Especially with my level 30 mana troops are not all 1 color

… or very strong.

I don’t like the mono dependence on one tile color, but the synergy of specials that can all be ready at one time can’t be denied. That, plus some of the stronger elemental links, plus elemental defense down, are the main reasons that I stack some of my teams. Tile strength is nice but only for those teams where I am trying to blast a path through the tank, which is generally 1 of my 6 war teams.

The strength of defenses these days means that one special fire in isolation will rarely be powerful enough to make enough of an impact to sway the game. There are exceptions obviously but for example a single sniper will not kill an opponent. Two may not even be enough. So you need to be very strategic in how you build a team of different colours and how you play the board with them in order to have the right specials ready at the right time and in the right sequence

They all fire. I’m aware.

Or… they all don’t. Hence:

Especially when flanking friggodin gives you 3-4 rounds to make something happen.

I understand mono’s place. And recommend stacking when your attack is seriously outmatched.

Otherwise. It my personal choice to play with team skills and high level troops, when my team is not gravely outmatched.

Which… maybe another year or so for the money I spent last year to get out-creeped by new releases. But my “fun days” aren’t that numerous. So… My teams will continue shredding gnar until I decide to unplug

I understand how the mana regeneration works… but apparently no one is getting my point… when ONE OPPONENT attacks, NOT ONLY does THEIR mana increase. SO DOES THE MANA FOR THE OTHER OPPONENTS… IN LAYMAN’S TERMS, WHEN ONE OPPONENT ATTACKS, ALL OPPONENTS MANA REGENERATES… BUT when I ATTACK, its ONLY THE ATTACKING HERO whose mana is increased… FORGET ABOUT cascading tiles (I know about that ■■■■ too)… JUST ACTUALLY PAY ATTENTION to ALL OPPONENTS MANA, when only one 1 opponent attacks (but since opponents ALSO HAVE MULTIPLE ATTACKS AT ONCE, that also helps opponents NON STOP mana regeneration) … and if your going to respond, please dont be an ■■■ kisser for the DEVS… just pay attention to your opponents mana

Hey Shouty, how you doing?

There is nothing new in what you are saying. It is known by everyone. It is how I explained it earlier in the post.

Each turn all opponent heroes regenerate some mana - that has nothing to do with their slash attacks however. In addition opponents that are hit with tiles regenerate more mana.

This is how the game works and is balanced in a way to make raids challenging and enjoyable enough to do.

And there is no concept of kissing anyone’s box box box, we are all just expaining how it works to you and why it needs to be this way.

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Maybe he/she thinks that there is actually another person playing against him/her? And is upset that his/her opponent gets more mana than his/her heroes?

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