Defensive mana generate

How exactly does defensive mana generate and how do troops factor in? It seems no one knows exactly how its figured with troops.

Mana on defence is gained in two ways.

  1. Passively with a fixed amount per turn

  2. Dynamically based on tiles hitting the defending hero

Both mana generation are affected by troops in exactly the way expected. If you have a L11 mana troop equipped, the mana generated by both Passive & Dynamic is increased by 9% as compared to a hero who has a L11 Crit Troop equipped.

Passive Mana:

Someone did do a pretty good study of this one previously.

Check this thread for the details: New mana per turn calculation on defense? We investigate Vol 2

Dynamic Mana:

This is where the water gets a bit more murky…

Things we know:

  1. More tiles hitting a defending hero = more mana gained

  2. Mana gained is still in “mana units” (like passive mana), so Very Fast heroes will charge faster than Very Slow heroes based on “x” tiles hitting them

  3. Mana Units gained exponentially decays with a cascade. Meaning that if you get a 5x cascade for a total of 20 tiles, this will generate less mana than if 20 tiles had hit the hero over 5 turns (rather than in one big cascade).

  4. Mana Troops (and other forms of mana boost such as buffs, emblems etc…) affect this (as above)

And that’s about it :stuck_out_tongue: we don’t really know the exact decay rate nor the base mana units per tile…


Hi, Guvnor.
Did you think that the devs will give us something about this one day ?

For example, a mana stat just like pv attack and defense stat when we look on a hero during battle… or something like this :

No, I think if they wanted that they would have done so from the start. Health is represented as a bar, but you can see the actual value too.

Mana is just a bar. Internally it’s a number. There was a design decision there.

Would be nice to see it in % or a 1/100 or fractional like if it’s a fast hero shows 3/9 in tile units…but might be asking to much lol

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Does the amount of mana gained by the enemy increase per tile differ if you have that colour on your team (or even without), and if you have more than one of that colour hero on your team?

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No they’ll Gian the same amount of mana regardless of your team if it’s a rainbow a stack or off color, and likewise you’re heros will gain the same amount of mana considering that they’re the same speed and have the same troops., only way to increase you’re mana gain speed is to ghost tiles

I’d love to see a hero who can make tiles more valuable in mana. Kind of like Ratatoskr or Jott, but increasing the mana gain per tile instead of attack.


Well there’s Ariel and Odin alby taxicandra etc probably easier to give small or moderate or a % of mana then change the tiles function as small amount is about .8 tiles worth and moderate amounts is about 8% worth (dunno what that is in tiles as it changes for each category of speed) would be cool though as an idea to get 50% more mana from a certain element for mana would make very valuable heros

I have, to a very detailed level, analyzed the passive mana production per turn and I have that data as affected by mana troops of all levels. This took studying 100s of screen shots per turn of each configuration and counting actual pixels in photoshop to ensure accurate comparisons.

To that end, I can conclusively say that I have yet to see a study that accurately portrays defensive mana production. I am 100% confident in my numbers.

It was exhausting so I have not gone back to decipher the implications of tile damage on mana production … maybe some day … maybe.

So mana boost, but only for one color? And would this increase both on match and on being hit with it?

Because the mana generation heroes already boost for everything.

The mechanics will be the same as Jott, with tiles of that color on the board at the moment will be enhanced. Mana boost should be on match only or it won’t make much sense offensively. The boost should be higher than the 24% given by Ariel, Khagan, etc.
The other benefit unlike the mana generation skill boost is that the enhanced tiles will stay until they are matched

Similar to Jott, when on defense, the skill reduces the mana of those colored tiles when matched by the attacker.


Hehe I did link perviously a study someone else did:

Maybe worth comparing your results to theirs.

is it only me, or is it plainly obvious… when I attack it is ONLY THE ATTACKING HERO whose mana regenerates, BUT when ONE OPPONENT ATTACKS, ALL OPPONENTS mana increases… ALSO when an opponent uses mana power, it depletes but gets a little jump in mana to start over… ALSO when I attack, NOT ONLY does my mana increase, SO DOES the mana of the opponent(s)… ALSO if opponents have minions, when minions attack the opponents mana also increases, but NOT mine… it really seems that during raids, tournaments, and war, when full mana regeneration is essential, it would be FAIR… but it is far from FAIR… FOR THOSE WHO ARE NOT THE PAYING LOSERS, THAT HAVE TO MAKE THEMSELVES FEEL RELEVANT… PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE MANA REGENERATION OF YOUR OPPONENTS

It is plainly obvious. Guv explains it better than I could so just read this post.

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You seem upset about something. Dont hold back.


my concern ISNT THE LEVEL OF MANA REGENERATION, it is the NON STOP REGENERATION for opponents… the speed isn’t a concern, I get that part, although, at times, opponents at lower levels and NO build up on the talent scale, and even label as slow, or very slow, seem to build up mana quite quickly and at times faster than my fastest hero

That is part of the well-known gamer mechanism. Opponents recharge a tile’s worht of mana (I thnk) every turn. In addition, each opponent hit by a tile gains extra mana. Something like the first 3 tiles that hit them in a turn equate to a tile each and after that there is a diminishing return to help offset the huge gains that could be gotten from cascades, although there are times that cascades will fully charge up your opponents, especially fast ones.

If this mechanism wasn’t there then raids would be a an absolute breeze with no level of challenge. As it stands, the manipulation of boards to charge up your key heroes whilst avoding charging up the opponent’s key heroes is a large part of the game

so the ADVANTAGES of opponents non stop mana regeneration is by design… when one opponent attacks, ALL opponents mana regenerates, but when I attack it’s only the attacking hero that gets mana regeneration not ALL my heroes…

So do you think defense has an advantage? Are you losing over 50% of your raids or do you dwell on the one battle where you got no tiles so their mana allowed them to fire first?

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