Defensive mana generate

How exactly does defensive mana generate and how do troops factor in? It seems no one knows exactly how its figured with troops.

Mana on defence is gained in two ways.

  1. Passively with a fixed amount per turn

  2. Dynamically based on tiles hitting the defending hero

Both mana generation are affected by troops in exactly the way expected. If you have a L11 mana troop equipped, the mana generated by both Passive & Dynamic is increased by 9% as compared to a hero who has a L11 Crit Troop equipped.

Passive Mana:

Someone did do a pretty good study of this one previously.

Check this thread for the details: New mana per turn calculation on defense? We investigate Vol 2

Dynamic Mana:

This is where the water gets a bit more murky…

Things we know:

  1. More tiles hitting a defending hero = more mana gained

  2. Mana gained is still in “mana units” (like passive mana), so Very Fast heroes will charge faster than Very Slow heroes based on “x” tiles hitting them

  3. Mana Units gained exponentially decays with a cascade. Meaning that if you get a 5x cascade for a total of 20 tiles, this will generate less mana than if 20 tiles had hit the hero over 5 turns (rather than in one big cascade).

  4. Mana Troops (and other forms of mana boost such as buffs, emblems etc…) affect this (as above)

And that’s about it :stuck_out_tongue: we don’t really know the exact decay rate nor the base mana units per tile…


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