Defensive help for a Newb!

I agree you will want to focus your leveling on heroes you can finish maxing out first, which at the beginning means some of your best 3* — not only are they faster to level, but you can get all the required materials through regular map stages.

I would qualify this by saying once you have your first full team of maxed 3*, you don’t necessarily need to concentrate on only building a 3* roster before starting any bigger heroes; I’d keep working on more 3* options while also working on the occasional 4* once you have the relevant materials needed — find a good balance. (If you shift to only working on 4* — or even 5* — “too soon,” progress grinds to a crawl and you are seriously limited by materials; if you stay in “3* only” mode a long time, you rapidly get diminishing returns in most regular PvE map stages.)

I’d also agree that you could probably just not summon any new heroes for a while because you have a lot of great stuff to work on already, and - as others have noted - that’s a long haul.

If you do want to spend to move things along, consider rerouting money from summoning to getting ascension materials and eventually even emblems, as you start maxing out your first heroes. Generally, in terms of overall bang for your buck, getting VIP and then paying for the basic PoV pass tend to get you the most while playing the long game.

—Having said that, the game will always have more to sell you, so decide what you can afford and what you most want within your price point! A lot of “special sales” can be subpar, so don’t be afraid to be choosy (and if you’re looking to spend and trying to figure out what’s best, there is of course a thread for that).

Of your 3*, Helo and Faiez are both excellent healers, Mnesseus and his costume give you the choice of cleanse or dispel, Gnomer and Poppy shoot things fast, Greel and Sally smack multiple foes more slowly. You’re looking for a nice mix of abilities (and over time, the ability to switch in different combinations of abilities, colors, and even classes).