Defensive Dream Team


Hi guys!!

Just looking to pick some brains regarding the best defensive heroes. Any opinions would be helpful

Thank you


My toons:

Wu Kong

Thanks again


On your list, I really like Boldtusk, Caedmon, Hel…Also Gormek, maaaaybe Athena*

I’m crap on Defense, but these are heroes I don’t like facing. :smile:

Just wait…some great Def warriors will come post their lists.


Thanks a bunch for your wisdom Rook


My “wisdom” here is questionable, as I’ve run offensive teams ONLY for the last three months. But truthfully, those are the heroes I don’t like seeing opposite me on Raid.

Good luck!


That is a list of real nightmare raid opponents. I would add Boril.

Boril is the heart of my defense team (I pair him with Cyprian with Hu Tao in between & Belith & Hawkmoon on the flanks). Although I can’t watch them in action, facing them is agony once they charge up Perfect Riposte. It’s painful to attack them or any hero on their flank with Scarlett or Chao because in all likelihood they’re going down too.

Another hero I hate facing is Joon at 3rd tier or above. When I see that golden laser fire away, I know I’m losing a 3* attacker, no question.


Ultimately the only heroes I really fear are Lianna / Sartana / Joon / similar. There aren’t many counters to raw fast mana damage, like I have to get scarlett before them and that’s about it, most blinds are slow (and RNG is RNG), most AE attack debuffs are too, and most big defensive buffs like spirit link are slow too.

Justice at tank is plenty scary too, awkward board or if you don’t have the high damage cards to whack him early consistently, or bring a bunch of mana slow / drain cards I suppose, it’s going to be an ugly raid.

X / BT / Justice / Melendor / X would sort of be my first pass, and I’d play with various combinations of Hel / Athena / Scarlett / Caedmon (though not next to Gandalf) but unfortunately that’s sort of RNGish. Actually with that build you might even be able to get an overpowering slow mana card too up on the edge and actually make use of Skittles and Colen there.

This presumes heroes are levelled, if Justice goes down quickly this falls apart immediately, but if he gets two specials off (hence the flanked healers), you are in really good shape.

Anyway in general don’t focus on individual skills other than the aforementioned instakill ones, focus on ones that work well together on the team.


I faced a combo of Hel and Li. I had 2 specials pop up. Hel froze their mana, no worries… their specials were ready. Then right behind her Li reduced their mana and took the specials away. They were dead before the no mana expired.


Here is my line up. I wish I could fit Caed into it. The only issue I see w/ my def is that all my attacks are AOE.