DEFENSE: What matters more rainbow or quality heroes?

I follow the top 100 defenses regularly via titan mafia’s hero utility. They track how often heroes appear in the top 100 defenses and in which position (center, flank, rear). Out of the top heroes I have lots of great greens and blues:

Blues: Alasie (maxed), Aegir (maxed), Isarnia, Misandra, Richard, and King Arthur
Greens: Alberich (maxed), Zeline (3/70 and 5 tonics), Lianna, Gregorion (maxed)

but very few quality purples, reds, and yellows:

Purples: Victor (maxed), Domitia
Reds: Zimkitha (maxed), Marjana
Yellows: Joon, Inari, Leonidas (maxed)

Out of these heroes a few are very popular in defenses: Alasie, Zeline, Alberich, Lianna and Aegir was actually the 4th most popular tank (only used by 4 teams out of the top 100 but without GM and Guin pickings are slim for tanks).

If you’re with me so far you can see that I could build an all green and blue team of some of the most popular defenders: Alasie, Zeline, Aegir, Lianna, Alberich for instance but that seems insane.

If I make a rainbow team out of who I have (maxed) now it would be: Alasie, Victor, Leonidas, Zimkitha, Alberich

I could level Joon, Inari, or even Marjana based on my ascension mats, but generally I wanted to ask just how bad people feel it is to have duplicated colors in defense. Any thoughts?

I generally prefer to attack opponents with multiple heroes of the same color. I color stack against the double color and have about a 85-90% win rate against stacked teams, as compared to about 70-75% against rainbow teams where I color stack against the tank


I’d use Alberich, Zim-kitty, Alasie, Victor, Leo in that order, and level Joonbug to replace Leo.


I think there is a potential benefit to going 2/1/1/1 on a defense team if the heroes and teams work. You can catch some raiders asleep. I think you’ll have a good feel for the performance of a superior defensive hero over a weaker one relative to how it breaks the rainbow nature of defense in short order.