Defense Teams Unknowingly Being Changed Affecting Raids

Over the last 5 days (2/8/2021 - 2/14/2021), I have lost in 13 straight raids, totaling 347 trophies lost.
In those 5 days my chosen defense team (my team 1) was not put into play. I created 14 additional teams to sort my heroes first by color then by stars. I used team 14 for my attack team on titans.
For some reason Team 14 became my defense team in raids which certainly was not my intent. When I finally realized what was happening and then couldn’t figure out how to correct it, I set Team 14 to be identical to Team 1. Then guess what happen on the very last raid my defense team switched to Team 13 ---- what the heck is that! I now have deleted every team of its heroes; I would like to delete every team but my Team 1.

Not mine but just using images from google which I annotated.

To set a team as your “defence team” you need to tap the button below the troops (but above battle items) which says “Defence Team” (or whatever your translation is)

Unfortunately you cannot sell your purchased additional teams back to SG… You bought em so are now stuck with them

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During those 5 days that my teams were switched, I did go back to my team1 and hit the Defense Button — I did this on multiple times. Also how do you explain the switching to my Team 13 which had never been used for anything? Nice try but YAFS.

First dunno what “yafs” means. Typo? or insult…? if insult its misdirected as I’m just a player like yoruself. but anyways, idk and idc.

Second, I am just telling you how it is… Have played for years and the only time the “defence team” is set is when that button is pressed… Either intentionally or accidentally. That button is literally the thing that assigns a team (and the heroes & troops equipped to that team) as your raid defence team…


I googled it and none of the results would come back as making sense in context (the best one was “Young and f******* slt", but I would assume maybe it’s "you are f***** stupid” or similar. Or maybe not, I don’t know. I am not “down with the kids” and don’t know the pointless slang or acronyms.

Regardless, if it is that, he (@Guvnor), and everyone here are players like you and just try to help so at least maybe say a “No it’s definitely no that because…, but thanks for trying to help” and then give more explanations or details.

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I guess you could take it as an insult but I didn’t mean it that way. To rehash: it should have read “yaf” or 'you are funny." I still believe there is something amiss in how my defense team changed. Now with 14 teams being totally devoid of heroes , it will be interesting to see if one is somehow selected as my defense team.

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You changed it. One way or another you accidentally pressed that button. Maybe while putting together a team, who knows. I used to do that a lot once upon a time, just gotta be careful.

This is where I keep telling players to take their time in the game to learn the subtle nuances instead of gemming away to fix problems or gain power, I’d suggest next time you have a problem come here first, or join an alliance that’s got experience and can help you with such issues

I’ve changed it by accident a couple of times. Now I check regularly; team 1 is supposed to be my defence team, always. Of course I have still been known to change the players on team 1 by accident when i use it for farming. 14 teams? Way too many imo.

Thank you. I also agree I have too many teams but as pointed out I bought them and I’m stuck with them.

In that case, my bad, I didn’t know what it was at all (as stated).
Do you have anyone else who uses your device and plays the game who could have done it?

Did you know you.can label the teams anything you want? Just tap where it says team 1 or whatever number and you can type it In I have my first team as lvl up team so easy to find as their right at the top then raid DT my dark mono as its my most effective mono my stack for raiding and titan team

This way you’ll always know which team to set for defense and we’ll its just a neater layout

This happened to me. I checked through the Heroes tab & it was set correctly. When I checked through the Members tab in the Alliance section it was set to a mainly red Titan team. Checked back to Heroes & it was set to my rainbow Defence team. Lost 229 cups overnight

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