Defense team - Yurple - BEAT ME :)

Victor - Sif - Kunchen - Guinevere - Clarissa

Victor defense up
Sif damage reduction
Kunchen Holy defense element link , heal
Guinevere Dark defense up, regen
Clarissa element link special defense up

What is unstoppable force vs this immovable object :stuck_out_tongue: ?


Ranvir - Guinevere - Kunchen - Ursena - Clarissa

( Drake Fong if dark def up dont stack)

Ranvir & Guinevere dark deff up ( different abilites so chance they stack?)
Kunchen - yellow defense up
Ursena - yellow spells counter
Clarissa elemental link vs spells

Alfrike, Freya, Kunchen, Joon and Norns…Norns goes off and everything is strong damage…Norns vs. Yurple is very fun!!

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damn… forgot about Norns…

Its not like i have 4 of them that I should be forgetting about her… still she is average speed and you still need to hit them, before they put those defenses up… and still alot of dmg will be mitigated beacuse of so many defensive buffs

If you really want to run Yurple you’re not helping yourself with Kunchen at tank. His slow speed makes him a great tile dump and its pretty easy to have a special ready to cleanse, block, of flip his D down. I think he’s your third best tank, and possibly your fourth.

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Ranvir and Guin dark deff up should stack. One is a buff the other is an element link.

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I use this Yurple team some on defense. It holds me at about 2600 trophies. My all Purple is about finished too.

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I would prefer considering your roster either :

  1. drake - clarissa- Guin- Victor- ranvir; or
  2. clarissa - sif - Ursena- drake - Victor; or

I guess he could go flank. Idea is basically use all defense up abilites possible :slight_smile:

Two good suggestions. I like the second one better, Ranvir does not impress me on defense. And Ursena as tank is really ugly (for the attacker).

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