Defense team - who gets mats

Hi all,

I have mats and heroes and I need decision on def team, who gets mats in purple, yellow blue?

5* Zimkitha
4* Scarlett
4* Gormek
4* Sumitomo

4* Melendor
4* Buddy
4* Kashhrek

5* Isarnia
5* Richard
5* Magni
4* Grimm
4* Kiril

5* Delilah
5* Joon
4* Chao
4* Li Xiu
4* Danzaburo

5* Quintus
4* Rigard
4* Tiburtus

My plan is

Melendor - Magni - Delilah - Zimkitha - Quintus

Major concern is who gets mats
and should I give mats to Quintus and Zimkitha or wait?
Thank you in advance.

Delilah then Joon
Zim (can save space replacing Rigard and buffing the team)
Quintus should be your 2nd purple instead

I woud switch Zim and Magni based on your proposed lineup.

thank you

Melendor - Zimkitha - Delelah - Magni - Richard

Any other decent lineups I can pull with this roster

what would I do:

red: gormek or zim
green: kash
blue: kiril always and then magni
yellow: liu xiu
purple: rigard always

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Thank you,
I wait a few more days until I figure out class system. I want to see impact of this system on possible tanks.

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