Defense team to stay in silver?

I have Bane 3/50, Karil 3/50, Brienne 3/11, Gormek 1/24, Boldtusk 1/20
Team power 2073

You’ve done a good job maxing Bane and Karil, and it looks like you’re on your way with Brienne. Having both red 4*s is going to be tricky, though. I would pick one or the other, and take them to 3.60 first (or 4.70 if you have the blades).

Gormek is tough for opponents to deal with at that level because he has a huge pool of hit points. Boldtusk will likely serve you for a long time, as well, and he brings healing to your party, in addition to the attack buff. However, his buff and Brienne’s overwrite each other, so you’re only going to benefit from one or the other at one time.

Who else do you have on your roster?

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Gormek is the tankiest 4* defese debuffer, so I will put him in tank position right because gormek has tank stats?

He’s definitely the tankiest of the heroes that you listed. He probably already has higher health and defense than the rest of your team. I would flank him with Karil and Brienne, and then put Bane and Boldtusk in the corners, Boldtusk on the left, Bane on the right.

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My Baby Account seems to stick around in silver without too much effort.

Its defence is:
Rigard (2/50), Kiril (2/50), Melendor (3/1), Kelile (2/50) and Bane (3/50).

Seems to be about a 2300+ TP can manage it quite easily :slight_smile: