Defense team to stay in gold

Help me, I keep losing too much trophies than usual, can you help me team position and hero to level up first please? I keep getting kicked back to silver! Help to stay in gold!
help 3 help4

Is that your normal formation along the top?

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No, i need your help what to level heroes and bring the strong defense team to stay in gold not silver

Ok, well based on what I can see, I’d go Belith, Boldtusk, Wu, Gormek, Karil/bane

You’ve got quite a few with similar skills - attack buffers, healers
And are a bit limited by colour with so many yellow and red.

But that’s normal around gold - I only had blue and red 4* - so you just have to work around it as best you can

So belith is a strong healer right?

Melendor to replace belith?

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Yes, melendor over belith when he is ready. You also have BT, great healer too, keep working on him

But melendor is so squishy, place him in flank or wings

Maybe I don’t explain well myself. Keep belith wile you train melendor and it gets stronger.

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To stay in diamond you need five 5* heroes. Otherwise the system will send you countless enemies until you drop below diamond. Probably for gold 3* heroes won’t be enough.

I stay in platinum without 5* :sweat_smile:

Edit- readed again, you are talking about diamond, didn’t notice

Ha, I was just about to call you out on that, Ortega, but you edited it :grinning:

Yeah lol :slight_smile:

So def team to stay in diamond is VERY hard, most likely, you will be kicked back to platinum everytime you log off. You must have 4000+ tp for diamond.

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