Defense Team Tank Question (BT vs Gad vs Danza)

Hello. Trying to figure out who should be my tank long term on my defense team and AW team if I don’t pull any legendaries anytime soon.

The Candidates:
Boldtusk - High defensive stats, heals himself if his special goes off. Can revive himself even and potentially heal himself after revive which is pretty sweet
Gadeirus - High defensive stats. His special is interesting in that he does a small amount of splash dmg while buffing attack and healing himself and his flanks. But he’s slow.
Danzaburo - Highest defensive stats of the bunch. 2 potentially devastating specials at average speed. But if he freezes himself the opponent gets to basically kill him for free most of the time.
Hu Tao - Good defensive stats. Nice AOE and blind special but it’s unfortunately on slow speed. Seems like the weakest choice?

Definitely leaning towards Boldtusk or Gadeirus. My other heroes include Tiburtus, Sonya, Caedmon, Kelile


One of the most important things you want from a tank is to greatly improve your overall board state. Looking at BT, he not only heals all, but also gives a massive 48% attack increase. That’s a crap ton of extra damage and heal, all at average speed.

If you look at who was historically the “best” tank - first Ares then Guin, it’s because they massively affect the board state at average speed.

Just being a meatshield isn’t good enough - look at Thorne and Richard. decent but not great. Danz is not a good tank - not reliable enough. The other 2 are slow and if you’re going to be slow, you better be powerful and i don’t think either of those 2 are powerful enough.

I would hands down go with BT.


BT, don’t think it is even close. Before Wilbur cane along BT was probably the best 4* red and seemed to be the only tank I ever saw in raids when I first started playing.

BT, especially with revive talent

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