Defense team suggestions

Can any one give me any advice for a defense team with this mess I have here. I haven’t got to the point where my stronghold is leveled enough to train high level heros and this is what I have got from the draws.

Kashhrek is considered as the best 4* tank, so you don’t make a mistake, if you’ll level him up to 3/60 or - if you have mats - to 4/70. Boldtusk is very versatile hero, he can be used on defense, on offense and against titans and he still shines. Skittleskull is not worth levelling up imho, don’t waste your precious materials on her. Kelile isn’t bad 4*, but she is in shadow of other great red heroes, I’d max Bold first, then work on her, but only if you won’t get better hero. Now to 3* roster. Bane is good hero, I think best amongst holy rares, he’s worth levelling up. Balthazar is natural killer, also worth levelling up. Belith and Hawkmoon are full team healers and you definitely need at least one healer done. Belith also dispells buffs from enemies, she may be better for you. Azar is good with her mana cut, but Nashgar is better red, I’d work on Hawkmoon first. Tyrum is sturdy and has useful dispell ability, but doesn’t hit so hard. He isn’t bad, but Balthazar is better. Dawa and Graymane are not good heroes and they don’t have useful abilities either, so you can safely feed them to other heroes.

Edit: I forgot about defense team, you don’t have any usable blue hero, so I’d recommend the following line-up:



I appreciate the input, thank you

@Argon Pretty much advised exactly how I would have. Although, if you don’t get any other 4* greens I would level Skittle so you have options. She’s not all that great but you gotta work with what you’ve got and she’ll be stronger than your 3* at third ascension. Obviously if you pull Caedmon or even Little John, I’d put her back on your bench. Also, until you get more characters I would work on your 4* first, then your 3* to add more depth and variety. You will need 30 heroes for war, so don’t eat away any of the 3* and keep working on them. Don’t bother leveling 2*, they’re only food for you now.

Red: BT because he’s amazing, Kelile for a fast 4*, Hawkmoon then Azar (Nashgar)
Blue: Graymane (Valen, Ulmer, Gunnar for the link)
Green: Kashhrek, Skittle, Belith (Berden, Brienne)
Yellow: Bane, 2nd Bane, then I guess Dawa (ehh) (Gan Ju, Kailani for another link)
Purple: Balthazar, Tyrum

I put the best regular 3* you’re missing in parantheses. If you pull from Atlantis, keep one of every 3* from there too, they’re all fairly good.

For defense, I’d usually suggest running a full rainbow to deter people from stacking against you, but as it is now you might be better doubling one color since they’d be your strongest. Never double whatever color your tank is though.


Idk that’s an idea, but preferrably I’d replace BT or Kelile with a blue, but your only blue is Graymane. So you could try that or removing one of the reds for him.


Pretty much everything has been said by now. Shout to @RandaPandah who has been noticeably helpful in threads as these during the past few days. Good job.

Poor Dawa, is there anyone who likes her? Unfortunately she’s a not-so-great (coughs) hero. :rofl:

I would suggest to the OP to save his gems and summon during an Event OR Yellow (bye bye Dawa) / Blue elemental summon portal.

Save all your 3* and higher heroes until you have at least 30 heroes (6x5 alliance war teams). Even Dawa will help you, if only a little, in that area.


First of all don’t level up any 2☆\1☆ heroes those are feeders.
Second in order Skittleskull is not bad its great vs Titans due to the lake of green root hitters in 4☆ and for C2P/F2P* it could be a very long wait before getting a better hitter so yes I CALL level Skittles to 3^70 and hold him there just incase.
Boldtust is great hero
Kashrek is great tank

I think you first need to get a solid 3☆ team of rainbow before starting a 4☆ passraod.
Then make your rainbow 4☆ team before trying to make a 5☆ heroes whom getting too much food, Feeders Mats and time to be maxed or even 3^70 .

C2P is Cheap to Play
F2P is Free to Play


As long as you are not trying to get into a strong alliance where a certain number of cups is needed the defense team can be neglected. At the moment there is no other point in collecting cups.

Try to build a strong attack team for levels, wars and titans.

I know a lot of people who intentionally assign a weak defense team to stay below the 600 cups so you can crush your enemy quickly during raids so you can fill your chest quickly…

Just saying…

Still, all the advices above regarding your heroes are awesome, although i absolutely love Skittleskull…just my personal opinion.

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Thank you @TomV93 :blush: It’s all due to the people, like you, that share on this forum that I have any sort of inkling on how to help + some experience of course.

Poor Dawa, it didn’t even feel right to type her name out. Typically, I’d advise most to stray away from her, but since that’s one of the few options, it must be done. Hopefully the OP will get a better yellow soon so they no longer have to bother with her at all. Same with blue, Graymane isn’t quite as bad as Dawa, but definitely not a favorite either.

As Tom said, I would suggest pulling from both the blue and yellow elemental summons (if you do pulls) to find replacements for those poor souls. If you don’t spend much money, then I’d maybe save your gems for events and Atlantis instead (and cross your fingers for a better yellow and blue from there)

& Don’t eat that Dawa until you have a little over 30 better characters for war- she might actually come in handy, who knows.


i didnt know you could choose what element you can summon from. i have just been taking what it gives me, how do you get to choose the color

In the same menu you do your daily summons, there is an option to do an epic or elemental pull. It’s currently where the event pull is, but usually it’s elemental and cycles through all of the elements, changing about every two days in a predictable fashion. It has better odds than epic, though you will only pull the cards that are in that specific element (other than HOTM)

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