Defense team suggestion

Suggestions on my defense team. I use this team for offense too due to lack of many leveled heros. Training Sonya to replace valeria

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For now
When you ascend Sonia

Why do you suggest that?

Valeria - very fast mana-> left corner
Sonia- fast dispell → left corner
Rigard → heal, clean debuffs (healees in corner wasn’t a problem) good hp and def → left flank
Boldtusk → pretty good 4* tank, heal attack buff high def → center
Skittle - Slow mana, never shot from corner, atack debuff → right flank
Chao - fast mana → right corner

@Radar1 can you elaborate on “Skittle” where you stare “never shot from corner”? Thank you :blush:

When attacking someone in most situations troops going to 3 heroes - center and 2 flanks and heroes in corner getting their mana very slow and probably you can kill slow corners before them shoot. Sometimes you must put slow hero in corner but when you have fast and average heroes better use them in corners beacuse they have better chance to shoot.

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Put differently: mana grows fastest from getting hit by tiles. Slow mana heroes need to build a lot of mana in order to fire. If they sit in the corner, they won’t get hit with many tiles, so it will take forever for their mana to build up. Meanwhile, the attacker is dealing damage to the corners. So it is likely that slow mana heroes in the corners will die before their mana builds up enough to fire.


Thank you @Radar1 & @Garanwyn for those explanations :slightly_smiling_face: