Defense team strategy

Had a thought for my defense team

Boldtusk taking point, flanked by Gravemaker (elemental link) and Melandor (heals/debuff) ends are filled by Wu Kong (obvious reason) and Colen (group damage)

Is this a viable team?

on paper it sounds great. has anyone tried this or something similar? Are attacking teams just going to load up extra blue heroes?
Any thoughts, suggestions

With 3 reds on your defense, two of which are in central positions next to each other, it seems like it would be very vulnerable to attackers stacking blue. You also have the problem of only having one good attacker in Gravemaker (Colen in the corner would likely be too slow to charge to use his special at all).

If you want to double up on red to take advantage of element link, I’d recommend flanking a green tank with Boldtusk on the left and Gravemaker on the right. That way, an attacker deciding to double or triple blue will have weaker attacks against the tank.


I don’t like Wu on defense. At least all the Wus I see are killed on the spot.

Use the above suggestion. Get Boldtusk - Strong Green - Gravemaker as your core.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to triple red.

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If you’re doubling a color, don’t also put that color as your tank. For example, if you had, say, Richard center, with BT and GM on either side, then if I double green against you to take down Richard, I have weak attacks against your reds (particularly GM’s special).


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