Defense Team Recommendations

Hello all. Firstly, I’d like to thank anyone who’s contributed to guides/discussion on the best heroes as this has helped me immensely to improve at this game.

Second, let me explain my goal: I’d like some recommendations regarding which of my heroes I should and should not focus on leveling up and why. Specifically relating to defense teams.

Third, let me explain my situation/resources available to me: Stronghold-18 (will be 19 in a few days); TC-16, x2-11; Cleared Season 1; Season 2: Starting Province 12

Heroes (by ascension and rarity): Sartana 4.20, Lianna 4.33; Vivica 3.48, Elena 3.48, Justice 3.44, M. Lepus 3.45, Ariel 3.34, Anzogh 3.6; Gravemaker 2.60, Ranvir 2.28, Ursena 2.44, Richard 2.42, Margaret 2.20, Quintus 2.14, Isarnia 1.5, Boss Wolf 1.3, Guardian Owl 1.4, Khagan 1.4

Kashhrek 4.70.9, Tiburtus 4.70.7, Triton 2.21, Gadeirus 2.9, Wu Kong 1.18, Colen 1.27, Proteus 1.2

Current defense team: Vivica-Sartana-Kashhrek-Elena-M. Lepus

I want to move away from Kashhrek so I can use my Lianna (he synergizes so poorly with Elena but he’s by far my best tank), and I know Gravemaker will be my future tank once I can ascend him (stupid hidden blades). But I would like to know which Blue and Yellow heroes I should use between GM and Sartana and Lianna on the ends. I think Sar. - Ariel - GM - Justice - Lia. fit better than Sar. - Richard -GM - Vivica -Lia., but I’m not sure. Ranvir seems fun for titans but way too risky for raid defenses. Guardian Owl just seems weak to me. I love the negative defense buff but Isarnia feels too slow to me. Any and all feedback/criticism of my thought process is welcome. I’d like to learn as much as I can.

Thank you all!

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Hello and welcome to forum :wink:

Can you showing us the rest of all your heroes?

Red: wait for Boldtusk, Wilbur/Gormek, Scarlett
Blue: Triton, wait for Kiril, Grimm, Sonya
Green: wait for Melendor, Caedmon
Yellow: Wu Kong, Ranvir, no other yellow?
Purple: Proteus ASAP before all of your *4 and *5 heroes, except Hel.

I’m not expert in defense, especially for *5 heroes, so maybe other can suggest better.


Viv is way better at flank not wing…
I would stop work on all but >>Sartana, Lianna, Gravemaker, Viv and Richard
for defense I would run for now until you get a better tank, Lianna Viv, Kash, Sartana and Lepus.
When you get others I said up and ready I would then go with Sartana, Viv, Richard, Gravemaker and Lianna
But also remember you have the hardest hitter in the game Lianna, the best player in the game Gravemaker, one of the top 2 or maybe 3 healers in Ariel, One of the top snipers in Sartana. You have a VERY good team.

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Thank you!!! I think once i get Ursena to 2.60 i’ll start focusing Viv. I’m always torn on whether she’s better flank or wing. And i’m really trying to get her a mana bonus troop but my pulls are unlucky. Once I get a hidden blade i’ll be able to get GM to 3 ascension. I was trying to pull Ares but I’m not gonna complain lmao. And hopefully i can get an orb soon to get Viv to max ascension. Then i’ll only need one more cape to get richard to 3 ascension.

Do you think the mana bonus 4 star troop or the black minotaur (forgive me for forgetting them) would be better for a GM tank? I know i want the mana one for Satana sniper (and Lianna but i only have a 4 star treant), and i’m also torn on which to use for Richard then. I know this is getting towards min maxing but i try to optimize lol.


The mana troops are only useful starting at level 11 for a couple is all. I might be mistaken but mana level 11 will take 1 tile from very fast and level 23 moves very slow to slow I think. Level 23 is probably a years worth of materials. On my team I run the critical troops on them ALL.


Good to know thank you

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