Defense team positioning

I have a strong group for defense team, according to research I’ve done. I have set the team in this order from left to right Ursena 3-70, justice 4-80 TG 7, Hel 4-80 TG 5, Vela 4-80 TG 5, Kageburado 4-80 TG 5.

My othe 5* are: Atomos maxed TG4, Elkanin maxed TG 4, Magni 4-54, Wu Kong maxed, Azlar 4-80 TG 2, Noor 3-70.

Any advice on arranging group? Please advise. :grin:

Ursena would make a better tank than Hel
The acronym TG? Are you referring to # of emblems?!

Where did you do your research?!

So your team is…

Ursena, Justice, Hel, Vela, Kage

A rainbow defence would help immensely, but three darks in the same team is vulnerable to a yellow stack :dizzy_face:.

Right now… Try…
Vela, Kage, Justice, Ursena, Elkanen perhaps?!


Kage, justice, Atomos, Azlar, Vela

Slow heros on the wing may never get to fire their specials, unless you have a MN or Alby?! Although with lvl 23 troops Azlar / Vela could switch places :thinking:.


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