Defense team - please help a noob! =)

Hey guys. I don´t know how to choose my defense team properly. These are the heroes I have. I also have itens to fully ascend a blue 5*. Which team would you recommend co0nsidering they were fully ascended?
Thank you very much (and sorry for the bad english.)

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Don’t bother with a healer since you have one hell of a roster. Hit hard hit fast.

Sartana-Magni-GM-Greg-Joon :laughing:

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Gerg GM Sartana Grimm Joon

Wouldn´t you use Magni?

Grimm at max is better than Magni on 3^12
Also Grimm with Greg buff will make the hit of others so deadly.

Pls note that he already has enough mats for 5* blue

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“Which team would you recommend considering they were fully ascended?”

If he gets his Magni to full ascend then Magni but as it is now … GRIMM

If all are fully ascended and maxed then go
Greg Sartana GM Magni Joon

Greg’s critical buff will support the hard hits of all others … so he on the left wing will be better.

Join an alliance that will help you with these things like "east of the equator " would be a great one. We have all this on our discord. Download discord and look us up.

Hey dude this is not the alliance recruitment section.
Keep the forum section as they are formed to be please.

I very much like Magni and Grimm…I have both maxed.

If you wait for Magni, you can use neither. If you level Grimm, you can have one maxed while you collect more ascension materials for the other, and end up with both.


I already have Grimm maxed

Eep! So you do. Hmmm, So:


Do you have a dispeller like Sonya? (Yes, Caedmon). For me it would be a choice between Magni (offense) or Aegir (defense).

Thats what I told you before !

Wow, I would be tempted!

Sartana , Rigard , Khiona , Mok-arr , Sartana

Ascend Magni for your 5* blue, I think GM makes a better tank than Aegir, but that’s up for debate. If Joon has better stats than BT then switch them out so you’re not running two reds on defense, better to go full rainbow to deter people from color-stacking against you. Make GM tank, flanked by Greg (left) and Grimm (eventually Magni) and Sartana and Joon in the wings.

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